Sunday, March 02, 2008


You what??

Thanks to a handy little program called Statcounter, I am able to check out a "keyword analysis" on this blog and find out what search terms people have used to land here.

Today's offerings (comments in brackets added later):

31.25% rabbitch
9.38% donkeydick (this is not the first time this has shown up)
6.25% a duck walks into a pharmacy
6.25% telus sucks
3.13% things that sound like i love you
3.13% wooly bondage
3.13% bondage mummy
3.13% telus credit card top up
3.13% asscakes (nom nom nom)
3.13% sew on google eyes
3.13% rabbitch boiled ass
3.13% john rabbitch
3.13% jesus christ on a piece of toast (y'all want fries with that?)
3.13% rabbitch blog
3.13% bad rabitt off-road park
3.13% how to transfer cell phone number from telus mike to telus pay and talk
3.13% how not to be a complete asshole (I know a few folks who could use this)
3.13% goat scrotum (this one disturbs me)
3.13% housekeeping important

OK, so this is almost as much of a throw-away post as posting a quiz, but I'm seriously overwhelmed here. Trying to finish up sending out the Revenge yarn while also skeining like a madwoman in preparation for this Friday's FibreFest. I expect that regular posting (please note this is "regular", not "normal") will resume early next week. Until then there will be radio silence, broken occasionally by random weirdness.

Skeining is, apparently, hard work and that, combined with all of the lifting of pots full of water into and out of the bathtub and up and down onto the stove has taken its toll, in that my shoulders and upper arms could now give a longshoreman a run for his money. If it weren't for Mrs. Quimby and Jelaina who have been skeining faithfully all weekend, I'd probably look like that green guy who busts out of his clothing when he gets mad. The Incredible Hulk? The Fantastic Ferret? The Moist Marmoset? (You can see why they don't let me name superhero-type people.)

Now if I could only find something that worked on my ass ...

Honey, random weirdness is normal for some of us.
jesus christ on a piece of toast....does that come with gravy?

no? well I guess I'll have the asscakes and a side of goat scrotum.

Thank you for the easy material.
Happy FibreFesting
I want to know what kind of a superhero costume the Moist Marmoset would wear.
I'm definitely going to have bulging biceps by the time I'm done.. Rahhh!
To Mrs. Q: I think the Moist Marmoset's costume would have something to do with a wet t-shirt.

Those are some interesting search terms- I think that the "Wooly Bondage" and "housekeeping important" are the scariest ones.. lol.
I'm so jealous of your Keyword Analysis - so much more interesting than mine. The best I can offer is "Ho Bag".
~snort~ The Moist Marmoset! I can hear the booming announcer now: FIBRE WOMAN!
Able to steep tall pots in a single heating, yes it's FIBRE WOMAN, colors bland wool with just a look, winds skeins with her bare hands and who, disguised as Rabbitch, a mild mannered dyer of all different colors, fights the never ending battle for humor, color and the general good of fibre everywhere. Now we break for a commercial.
Moist Marmoset-

kinda scares me.
"rabbitch boiled ass" was me; I was checking, for etymological purposes, the date of your first use of the term so that I could cite you properly at
My Keyword Analysis is way more boring. (Then again, anything is more boring than goat scrotum...)
I bet if you start skeining and lifting pots with your toes it would give you thighs and buns of steel- but it might affect your fibre output. (oooh- what's that going to do to your keyword search?!) :)
The Incredible Hulk? The Fantastic Ferret? The Moist Marmoset?

Now THOSE should produce some interesting links.
WAY more interesting than mine. All I got today was "naked theater" and "funny poems about amputees"
(there once was a gimp from Nantucket...)
Okay the stranger keywords that I've got:
bunch of bullshit
dead flies on window sill
cleaning da crib
explosion batman
girl suck monkey

no soap yet?
Your keywords make tea come out of my nose. One can only wonder what the searchers thought when they arrived at your blog only to find no goat scrotum.
"Revenge is mine!" screamed the Radiant Rabbitch, fending off the Moist Marmoset and Fabulous Ferret with swings of her dyepot after drenching them with waves of magenta and black.
If you could only figure out a way to skein with your ass...I'll see if I can find a research assistant to consider the possibilities (or will that get me sued?). I can't wait to hear all about the Fibre Festival -- I wish I could be there to buy up all of your yummy wool.
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