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No Longer a Virgin

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Seems I'm no longer a Fibrefest virgin.

The 'fest was a lot of work and also the most fun I've had with my clothes on in quite some time.

In fact it was a lot more fun than many times I've had with my clothes off.

Saturday's booth setup was way more impressive but apparently we were too busy vending to be photographing.

Oh, and that Job That Blows Goats that I keep whining about?

Um, I just quit it. I'm not completely insane, I'm going to "casual" status, however I'm not killing myself for those people any more.

Gonna be a fibre maven, I am.

congrats on quitting the job that blows and becoming a fiber maven.

Perhaps we'll see you at SOAR?
Yes! to fun times and cherry poppings. Yes! to saying good-bye to sucky jobs. Hey I already thought you were a fiber maven. WTG. It takes a lot of guts to quit that job you hate yet still need at times.

Did someone say SOAR? I'm going for the first time this year - would love to see you there
Congratulations, Good Luck and lets hear the details. I am guessing you found out how loved you are?
Bloody hell, woman, it took you long enough to come to your senses!

Go, fibre maven, go.
Yay! You broke yer self employed cherry! Nothing in world feels better than telling goat blowers to piss off! I hope we're not insulting any goats.
You go girl!!! I'm at a big life-changing moment too - seems to be catching. Go for it. I guess sales were good, huh? Be seeing you in the UK soon at this rate!!!
Hey - congratulations on leaving the "job that sucks". I am sure you will have a blast doing it on your own (so to speak). All the best - I know you can do it!
Lise (in Ottawa)
Oh, yeah. HoofuckingRAY. I am so thrilled for you. Go, baby, go.
Yay! You go bunnygirl!
Yay! No more goat blowing! Congratulations!
Congratulations! I'm so happy for you!
Good gracious, that job quitting thing has to be one of the best things I've read on your blog since, well, last time you posted. (You put lots of good things on your blog, even when it's just a list of cusswords. I always learn something.)
Yay for you!!
HOORAY!!! Congratulations~
Awesome. They totally weren't paying you enough to blow goats.
I am so happy for you, J! EEE!
That shriek you heard was my holler from Portland. Congrats on taking the plunge.

Oregon Flock n Fiber is in September. Think you can make it there this year? It's getting bigger than Black Sheep from what I'm hearing, and you'll get to meet some of your readers who will gladly fetch you beer and comestibles.
Won't someone please think of the goats? No, wait. They can blow themselves. Quitting a job that sucks is empowering. I did it myself almost two years ago, and I have never been so contented in my whole life.

Congrats on losing your virginity. And with your clothes on, no less.
You already are a fiber maven :) Three cheers for not killing yourself any more!
Oh yay, that is such good news! I hope it works out and you can quit it completely, or at least take the time to find something better! Woooo!
I quit a job once where the boss smelled like a goat. That wasn't the only reason I quit, but it was way up there on the list.
Wooo! Congratulations!
Oh, frabjous day!! That's great news -- goodbye to blowing goats! And yay for Fibre Mavenhood (much better than maidenhood, apparently). Congratulations :)
Congrats! Awooooooooooo!
Yay for you!!
OMG, Congrats!!! I can't wait to hear more.
CONGRATULATIONS on both counts - a successful fiberfest and quitting the job that blows goats!
No more Goat-Blow!!!!


BTW, another appropriate word verification on this comment page: emuwu.
Hooray for saying bye bye to sucky jobs! It IS possible to choose a happier life.
Yay! I am so HAPPY!!! for you!!!!
My verification word looks like the Greek spelling of oppossum:
congratulations! (throws confetti)

no job that blows is worth an effort by anyone. you have talent and better things to do with your life. and you have your daughter and her talent for fiber too.

I would say things are looking up at chez lapin!
I stood. I cheered. Loudly and with as much gusto as one who is dealing with Daylight Savings Time can. Good for you!!!!!!!!!!
I just know that this is going to be a huge step forward for you and your fiber career!

Fan-bloody-tastic !

Way to go!!!! We'll all do our best to be financially supportive. Can't wait to get my hands on your goodies myself at some point!!
Phew! Big leap. And I bet you won't regret it for one minute! Way to go, Honey.
YEEEEEEEEHAWWWWWWWWW!!!!! Also coming from down in Portland. ;) Hallefuckinglujah, congrats, and may you never look back! So happy for you!

I second Duffy's rec/plea about Oregon Flock & Fiber. Closer than Black Sheep, and judging from last year, you'd have quite a bunch of the insane PDX Knit Bloggers gang worshiping adoringly at your feet. (Plus Barbara would have to make sure to get here for it again, I'm betting.) We haz munny to spendz, too. ;)
Yowza! Waydago! Huge move, scary, I'm sure. We'll try to support as much as we can! Lady of courage and heart, you are.
Congrats on working your way out of a soul sucking job.

Now you get to use it to help pay the bills, rather than it using you.
Yippee! Nothing is better than leaving a job that sucks the soul from you. (Ask me how I know. I actually prayed to be fired so I could collect unemployment.)

Here's hoping that Fibre Maven is the last job title you will need for a very long time.
I'm going to be totally self centered and ask if seeing me made you do it! LOL Seeing that I was calm and there were no dark circles under my eyes and that I still had hair attached to my head! Amazing what leaving a toxic work place will do for you! I'm sorry you will still have to experience it 'casually'. You deserve to be a fibre maven, your yarn is gorgeous!
Congratulations and Good Luck!!!
Fiber Maven will look good on the resume. I hope I see you at a fiber fest in the near future.

And you do have a run of good CAPCHAs going. I got ubyny - appropriately hare-ish.
Awesome! That rocks! Good luck!
am late to the news but you GO, fibre-girlie!!!
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