Friday, March 28, 2008


The Kindness of Stranglers

I've likely used that title before, but as I'm clearly a 12-year-old boy, it amuses me endlessly that "strangers" and "stranglers" are only one letter apart.

Yes, I was a terrible geek in school (and quite likely still am), why do you ask?

I'm still swamped, still like 100 emails behind, still struggling and feeling like a total twat, but the orders are going out, the store software is functioning (although the store itself is nekkid) and life isn't so bad at all.

One of the really good things about life right now is that I've been the "victim" of an RAOK (Random Act of Kindness). One of my readers (who until recently was a stranger, or perhaps even a strangler) wrote to me a few weeks back. She said that I probably didn't know her from a hole in the ground (and as I get about 350 - 400 readers a day on the weekend and 650-850 on a weekday that's a fair assessment) and asked if I was a Springsteen fan. She further went on to say that she had two tickets for his show on this coming Monday and she couldn't use them and would like to offer them to me. For, like, nothing.

Zero. Zip. Nada.

I was all WTF? This woman could have sold them for four times the face price on Craigslist or eBay without a blink.

Her email said "yes, this is serious, I am offering you two tickets to the sold-out show for no other reason than I can't use them and think you'd like them and I don't want them to go to waste." or something along those lines.


I like Springsteen -- a lot. I wouldn't go and eat his sweaty leather jacket for lunch or anything, but the man rocks, bigtime. My husband is an even bigger fan and when I asked him if he'd like to go he said "are you serious? We can hardly afford toilet paper, we can't afford that" or something like that although he likely wasn't responsible enough to mention the toilet paper thing.

(Yes, we have some, I bought 30 rolls two days ago, thank you for being concerned -- have you ever considered that you're perhaps a little freaky for wondering about my toilet paper? I just thought I'd mention it.)

Her rules are: I can blog about the RAOK. I can blog about the concert (although there will be no photos as my phone doesn't take them and I'm sure I'd be frisked for a camera on the way in) but I am NOT allowed to a) say who it is and b) pay for the tickets (although I'm still trying to send her some yarn for them) and c) I have to pay it forward if and when I am able to do so.

Stranglers. I loves them.

You rock, nameless reader-chick. You rock the house.

Dude! Enjoy!
How wonderful! Springsteen has accompanied me many miles over the past two years as I have spent many many hours traveling to visit aging parents every other weekend . . .
Sweet. One of my professors just went to his concert in Columbus and proudly came back, showed his the handwritten play list, and then began to profess his undying love and adoration for Bruce, and how he'd leave his wife in a second for him.

Which begs the question...would you leave your yarn and stash for Bruce?
Rock On!

Have a great time.
Have a great time.. you deserve it!
That is one seriously sweet RAOK, dude. Whoever she is, she rocks! And has good karma up the whatever, too.

Enjoy the concert!
What a great deed, indeed. Enjoy, Rabbitch! I love reading posts like this.

Congratulations on doing good, whoever you are, generous person.

Yeah! And we need to hear about good people like her to balance out all the negative stuff that shows up in the news!
That is so cool. Whoever you are that was so generous, you totally RULE! May you have joy and blessings.

Enjoy the show.
Woohoo! What a great gesture. Worry not. Surely her goodness will come back to reward her.
Wow! That's a great gift! After all you've been through you and hubbahubba deserve it. Rawk yer sawks off, m'dere.
I'm a lurking stranger (not strangler though) and I just wanted to say that nameless reader chick DOES rock!!! that's so awful sweet!!!!
What an awesome ROAK!! Nameless reader chick is the bomb!
We expect a full report of the concert, have a great time!
Wow. That is a hell of an act of kindess! Nameless-reader-chick you are awesome. What a treat. And you deserve it. Have an absolutely FAB time.
may your ticket-giver's generosity come back to her threefold! that's the coolest raok i've heard of (except maybe the teenager who got a tip big enough to pay for her prom, her dress and limo rental while selling papers).

and have a great time, ms. bunnie -- you're overdue.

ellen in indy
Karma is kinda cool...sometimes we don't even know it when we've earned a little of the "nice." Have a great time and kudos to your benefactor for being such a sweetie!
Here's my advice:

1. wear a bra
2. own a small camera
3. stick the camera in your bra

They'll never pat down your boobs. Take it from me.

I'm glad you got a little happiness back for all you send out.
No one deserves them more than you do! I hope you have a fabulous time!


p.s. now you know how I felt about you RAOK!
I can't think of anyone else more deserving of such a wonderful gift. Doing nice things without a thought of "what's in it for me" eventually comes around to the right person.
Rock, indeed. Three cheers for the nameless reader-chick! Have a great time and go mindless for a bit!
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