Thursday, March 06, 2008


Final Checklist

Roving ... check.
Yarn ... check.
Soap ... check.
Mitten and glove kits ... check.

Business cards, bags, labels, stands, a calculator, paper, pen, sammidges ... check.

Underpants on my head and a palpable sense of fear? ... check.

There will be no returned emails, written blogs or posted pictures until Sunday.

Apparently it's showtime.

If anyone's wondering about their Revenge yarn I'm close to being done. If you've written I'll write back Monday.

Good luck, have fun, make lots of money :)
Ditto what the junkie said!
Have fun at the show :-)
Good luck Rabbitch!
Best of luck at the show!!
I hope you've stashed a wee flask in there with all that fibre...Good luck!
Have a blast! Make a fortune!
Dude! Go go go go GO!

I'll be the one over here with the pompons.
Hope you makes lots of money and have a great time. Jennifer in Oak Park
Wish I could be there - Good luck!
Sense of humor? Did that go? Good luck! Have fun...
A little belatedly, but may your only worries be that you've run out of stuff to sell!
You Go, Girl!! Hope you had a fabulous time and made fabulous money!

And the amount of revenge yarn that's been ordered should allay your fears about how absolutely fantastic you are at this!

Knock 'em dead!

charlizeen on yahoooooooooo
you'll be fabulous! And I know from experience that the soap scent will draw them from all over. Have fun! Spread the Rabbitch love!
I hope that as you're reading this you're chortling with glee at how well the festival went.
Whoo-hoo! Fibre Maven ho!
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