Monday, March 17, 2008


Don't Look Now, But ...

I'm knitting.

Due to regular (and slightly irregular) taunting from two people who really should have better things to do with their time (quick, someone send them some yarn), I am knitting.

Not lace, but I have cast on a square for a blanket thingie Pam is doing on Ravelry and I have also cast on for The World's Cutest Baby Sweater.

Alert the authorities -- surely no good can come of this.

Based on personal experience, if ya start knittin' on baby stuff without an explanation, people start thinkin' things they shouldn't. I'm just sayin'
(from the stick skinny chick who got asked when she was due while knitting a pink blankie - sheesh!)
Call the Ministry!!
Fantabulous...and yeah, the baby sweater needs an explanation!!!!
Bless my soul, well I be darned! Look who's picked up sticks and yarn!
How did I know it was those two without even looking at the links?
Pictures or it didn't happen.

And no, we're not sorry. Not at all.

Also - thanks for your contribution to the yarn mojo....
Babywear? Hmmm... You'd better produce evidence of someone else's baby, quick! ;)
I dunno, that sweater's damn cute and I might knit one as a "just in case" gift ... but, do *you* do stuff like that?
Crap, I forgot to bother you, too...

Except for one thing... Eris?
"Do you like Kipling?"

"I don't know, you naughty Rabbitch, I've never kippled!"

(with apologies to Donald McGill)
Dude. I saved the pattern. This despite the fact that I do not know anyone with a baby to knit for. I do not know any babies. I do not know any potential babies I might knit for. You're messin' with my mind again!

(But that is one of the cutest baby sweaters in the world!)
You know how to knit? I don't see any pictures.... just a lot of talk.
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