Tuesday, March 18, 2008


DO Look Now ...

Honestly, you people. No, the baby sweater isn't for me. It's cute as hell and I just want to make it and have some relatively-instant gratification. If it works out, it's for a co-worker's sister.

Seriously -- unless there's a star in the east and three wiseguys coming up the stairs with presents, there are likely to be no more little additions to Chez Lapin (not for lack of wishing, but I'm 46 and apparently relatively infertile and you just deal with what life hands you, no?)

While you are all recovering from your grief at the knowledge that there will be no pitter-patter of little paws (and no angelic tiny voices muttering "assbeagle" at the folks in the delivery room -- as we know I am so gifted that my child, were there one, would likely be born already speaking) why don't you toddle over to visit the blog of the deliciously-talented Sivia Harding?

Sivia's father has recently passed away and in loving memory of him she is having an auction, the entire proceeds of which will go directly to Doctors Without Borders.

There are many wonderful things up for grabs. I have bid on some. Go outbid me so I spend my money on sensible things like food (and the loom I bought this week -- yes, another. Shut up.) rather than on Kid Silk Haze and the like.

Man cannot live by the hair of the mo, alone, apparently.

Even if it's green.

~snort~ I call them the three wise guys with presents too! Sometimes I call them the party pack. No mo? One can certainly try. And really, at our age, do you really want a poopy toddler to chase while your friends are making fun of your 50th birthday?
Oh, I'm thinking that one could live on the hair of the mo, if one had to. Another loom eh? Pictures! (BTW, my spinning wheel arrived last night. He. He.)(Also, I always think of them as the three wise guys with a bomb, thanks to Life of Brian...)
I'm done, too. I had to have some one do something to make me less fertile, though. He'd better have done it right.

Hair of the mo? Really? I'll have to go look.
Just delurking to let you know how much you add to my days. Your postings/musings/passing thoughts/snarky comments have a delicious sense of the absurd that really tickles me. Brings LOL to life.
Hey, Parents of only children call it "getting it right the first time"
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