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Portrait of the Artist as a Young Girl

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Here she is, triumphantly viewing her first painted skein, right before it went into the microwave. The colour choices and most of the "mooshing" were hers. The dye mixing and pouring (and a modicum of mooshing) was mine.

I think she did pretty well.

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Clearly she thinks she did pretty well also. It is a point of pride for me that she managed to dye her elbow.

At least she's not wearing her underpants on her head. (These are kitty ears, if you can't tell).

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And now the latest from "The Department of Blowing Your Own Horn", we have some of The Dreaded Russet Yarn, half of which has been overdyed with black (thanks, Ann!)

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I don't think it looks so bad, for something that almost made me cry.

I will overdye a fair bit of it, and there are Mysterious Plans for the rest.

Stay tuned for further episodes of "As The Swift Turns".

Umm, if that's a mistake, can I have it?? It's gorgeous! Love the kitty ears on the kidlet. Her yarn's pretty spiffy too.
I just figured you were the one wearing underpants on her head...
Nice job to both of you!

More! More!
ooh.. rainbow yarn! I approve!
That's a mistake?!! Can you remember how you did it and do it some more?! It's great.
Mercy I just love seeing a proud happy child!
The russet? I LOVE the russet... seriously, what gartlande said.
She's a pigment off the ol' color wheel! And darned cute too! The Dreaded Russett is gorgeous. Doing what you love for a living? Dream come true. Spending time with your kid while you do it? Priceless.
Because I do not have any source of income due to the fact that I went crazy in my 55th year, I look at pretty yarn, admire it and let go.
But then I saw your russet "mistake" yarn and went all I WANT!!!!
That russet and black is nice, but I wonder how it would look overdyed with a rosy red? You know, like the way Sundara does things like cognac-over-pink and such?

And that's one seriously cute kid.
I love seeing her look so proud -- isn't artistic accomplishment a great thing in a child? (And the elbow is particularly lovely.)

The overdyeing turned out so well! Talk about pulling triumph from the jaws of...well...not-so-much triumph (clearly I haven't had enough coffee this morning). Nice!
wow. the girl has become a lovely big girl. i guess it's been awhile since i've visited.

please don't be mad at me.
I guess I'll just have to get in line behind all the other commenters who want some of that "mistake"! It's truly lovely yarn and I can just imagine how beautifully it would knit up.
e. is a pretty girl. just like her momma.

you must be very proud of her accomplishment!

hope she continues to assist you!
I agree with the over dye to the russet. Lovely and rich looking. Take it with you and see how it sells. Warm regards from FL and by the way, I flunked mailing wash cloths. They are knit but sitting in the basket. I have missed the window of sending them out, unless you can still use them or not.
Katrina\I am a tludxwd
Missy-moo's yarn looks great! Mmm, love a good rainbow.

I think the russet looks pretty good.
She looks so proud and rightfully so!
She's a little snip off the ol' skein, isn't she?

That overdyed russet looks wonderful.
"Snip off the ol' skein,!- snort!! I just read your post on the Harlot's blog. I am now faint of heart. Good luck to you. It WILL work out, given intestinal fortitude, and maybe a little beer.
What a lovely and talented person! And her mom isn't bad either.
I think you both did a great job! Yay for inherited talent!!!

And for kitty ears. Those are pretty awesome, too.
Great dye job, great kid, great kitty ears, great russet.

And the underpants made me laugh out loud. Thanks.
Now you have me regretting saying no to some of the russet - it's fabuloso!

And you did a great job on the kid too.
Me likes some russet mistake. Me no find in store.

You made that? Well done, on the kid.
Rabbitch, is that yours? My goodness but it's cute! (Oh, and nice yarn too, bot' o' youse)
Wait! She used to be a baby! Where does the time go? She's adorable.

Count your blessings that you have a daughter. Sons are wonderful, too, but I'll always mourn not having a daughter.
Definitely done good there! On the skein, as well as the elbow. (And her other wrist, too, I notice.) I umpteenth the vote for overdyeing the russet in other colors than black, too. All sorts of possibilities there!

Once you've finished going crazy for the FibreFest, that is. Fingers crossed!
Lovely pictures of the yarn and the kid with the kitty ears and all. I hace a suggestion: Hand the camera to e. and have her take some pics of you and the spouse. Been a long time, gurl!

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