Monday, March 24, 2008


167 Emails

Holy shit. I've just logged in to an email account I seldom check and there are over 100 emails there waiting for my response.

I also just checked my business email and apparently my shitty store software was eating contact emails and has just pooped out more than 60 of them.

I have no idea how to even start dealing with this, I am completely overwhelmed and embarrassed. I guess I start at the beginning and move on.

I have to find a way to apologize to everyone who wrote to me a stinking month ago and to reassure everyone that yarn is on its way.

If you're waiting for yarn and you're one of the folks who's written, I'm assuming I now have all of your messages. I'm hoping you've received your yarn by now and that this is a moot point.

If you have NOT received your yarn, plese email me at teh.bunnei at gmail dot com (yes, it's spelled that way, I'm a freak) and if I sent it out more than two weeks ago I'll send another order.

And if you ordered within the last two weeks, it's drying right now and I'm heading to the PO on Thursday.


I'm blaming Stephanie for all of this.

~snort~ Looks like the technogods have shaken things up a bit. I wouldn't have emailed about the yarn, I understand good things take time (plus I know what you've up to) ;-)
I think you're justified in blaming Stephanie for most of it, but I'd lay a fair share of blame on whatever beings control email, too. Good luck, don't tear out too much hair!
Rabbit knows she's responsible for enough trouble on this end of the country.

Leslie - knitting therapist
Email programs are the worst. But since everyone knows how it goes, mostly folks are understanding! (At least, I hope they are in this case...)
Yikes! But, I'm pretty sure that people will be understanding. Email is a friend and an enemy to us all. I think I have 200 or so in one of my boxes and I have stopped caring how bad it gets...
A likely story. I'm sure your under your kitchen table bottle of likker tucked under your head, napping away the day, munching on bon-bons when the mood doth suit you. Can't be bothered with email, right now, no sirree bob! So, does this mean you didn't send me the email the other day about laundering $4.2million for you? damn. cuz, I was all set to hand over all my bank info for you to wire it...
Some days I hate email. Really and truly. Technology is a big LIE.

I hope you're all caught up by now.
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