Friday, February 15, 2008


The Yarn Harlot Ruined My Life*

Which is why you won't be seeing much in the way of blogging out of me until Monday, when I can hopefully post a photo of a mountain of yarn ready to be mailed out.

Apparently there are a lot of people out there who like yarn.

* this ruin, in the shape of many sales this week, has led to the loss of any hope for sleep in the next four or five days. everything else in my life remains un-ruined, many other things are improved, and sleep is highly overrated. i am not complaining in the least, apart from the fact that it's cutting into my drinking time.

Dude, is it any comfort to you that at least I'm broke and can't afford your yarn?
dude, i'm drinking on your behalf, just in case.
Her socks are very fine, no wonder people want that yarn. Your yarn!
I would agree with yberry and Jelaina. I am drinking a mudslide on your behalf and wishing I had a skein of that colorway because it turned out devastatingly beautiful.
Put me in the admiring from afar category also. It's because I am noble and wouldn't want to deprive you of sleep. That and I'm broke.
Hee! I all ready have some of your yarn, and I think I'm going to wind it up today!
I bought a skin of your sock yarn and I love it1 I raved about it but sadly I don't have a cult-like following so it didn't seem to impact your sales much. You do great work! Take some comprft in that (or sleep a bit on the yarn that would count too.
Yeah, I've heard that referred to as "the Harlot effect". LOL
I wondered what mayhem would result when I saw you'd been "harloted". A nice little boost for the business, eh?? :)
I knew you were doomed when I read her post. Then immediately went to your shop to make sure I got mine~
You are the best.
All I can say is that as soon as I saw your name in the Harlot's post my second thought (after yay, Rabbitch!) was "I'm so glad I have a skein of her yarn all for myself, because I'll never be able to get any more". At least my selfishness was mitigated by thinking of you first!

This cannot but bode well for the achievement of the loss of the icky job due to yarn maven status.
Dude, I love it that people call you dude!
Ooooh! A high class problem! Congratulations!

And I so long for that Revenge stuff... Would it kill you if I put in my own order?
I can help Jelaina too! Pick me, pick me!
It really is the best kind of ruin. She broke my blog once too.

Btw, those colors were awesome. I'm sure in a week or so we'll find you stained in dye down to your knickers and mumbling to yourself. I hear that's how the Fleece Artist does it too...
I'm delighted to hear it!!! Something wonderful is coming from my misery. I love that!

Speaking of -- when are you going to tell the story? You should at least explain what the colors represent. I can't blog it (well, besides which, I'm taking a break) because Xifey reads, and the attorney reads and the judge will probably see print-outs. Not to mention, it's your story. You're the artist. I have the email description somewhere if you want me to send it back to you. Let me know.

In the meantime, relish in the glory of being harlotized!!! This is so exciting for you.
Please, oh please, oh please tell the story!!!

And i *still* want some of that damn yarn dammit...(I want to go on the record as having wanted this yarn before it was harlotized)
Because I am by nature far more evil than people seem to think, this is making me want to hop over and order me some of this yarn Right Now. And then pour myself a glass of wine and laugh in decidedly evil ways.
I wondered how long it would be before all hell broke loose. Congratulations on a well deserved nod to your creativity and skill.

I too am among those that unfortunately have to admire from afar since I can't afford it right now. But have no fear, it is certainly on my must have list.

PLEASE tell the story, I wanna know what all the colors represent!
It might be unwise to blog the story anywhere until the original situation is settled.

It's an intense colorway... I think I can guess what some of the colors mean just looking at it.
I tried to sleep deprive you when I raved about your Black Watch Yarn. (Husband lurves his socks, by the way...) Ah. the power of the Harlot! (and the beauty of the yarn.)
Well, Rabbitch, dear, the Revenge colorway was/is FABULOUS!!

The price you pay for your genius. I can't wait til I can offically call myself a sock knitter, and then can get some of your scrumptious yarn!

charlizeen on yahooooooooooo
Viviendo bien es la mejor venganza/Living well is the best revenge.

and with the harlot's help, it looks like you're getting closer to "living well."

and i don't remember who said it, but "revenge is a dish best served cold."

so dish up lots of fantastic yarn, dear rabbitch, but save the "dish" on the name's origins until it's well chilled.

and were my disposable income somewhat lower than whale $#!+ these days, i'd be standing in line for my own sweet revenge-by-the-skein.
I kinda thought that might happen when Stephanie started blogging those socks. That yarn is pretty irresistible you know and Stephanie is the drum majorette leading the happy knitting band marching across the frozen tundra in search of mobettah yarn!

I guess, since it's your week to be so busy, I'm not going to feel toooo guilty about the e-mail I owe you ;-p
Have fun making money (whoops, the first time I typed that as 'have money making fun' - guess my priorities are on straight.
Go girl! I'm sure everyone will understand that orders might take a teensy bit longer than normal...being Harlot-ed is becoming a well-known effect in yarnland :-) Just wish I had some spare cash...
I sat next to the socks in question on the floor of the bar last night (at Madrona Retreat). Gorgeous yarn.

We should/could have raised a glass for you. Hope this helps turn things to where you want them.
Ah, the price of fame.
Oh, and I drank (read as: OVERdrank) on your behalf.
You dye, I'll drink. It's called teamwork.
Excuse me, sir, but there appears to be nothing at your cafepress page. What is this yarn everyone is talking about? You've been holding out on me. Whyfore not did you tell me you spin yarn?
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