Monday, February 25, 2008


A Working Dryer. I Has One.

I'm still here, just a little swamped and I don't think there's been a whole lot of stuff going on that you'd be interested in.

"Skeined wool. Put it in water. Took it out of the water. Painted it. Nuked it. Threw it in the bathtub. Slept. Woke up, rinsed wool, went to work. Skeined wool at work. Went home, packed and labelled envelopes, took child to school, went to post office, slept" doesn't make for fascinating reading.

We do, however, have a new addition to the family. Through the diligent perusing of Craigslist (oh how I love thee) we have managed to finalize the adoption of a brand-new-but-slightly-abused (as in one small scratched area) dryer. I note from reviewing my post history that the heating element in the last dryer burned out almost exactly a year ago. It stopped even air drying a few months ago and life Chez Lapin has been a little difficult, especially considering the number of towels needed during the dyeing process.

Anyhow, 'cause it's either a floor model (or perhaps even fell off the back of a truck, I didn't ask too closely) we got it for a little less than half price. Delivered.

It works. And I am wearing clean underwear.

I couldn't be happier.

I feel that. After I'd finally gone through all the pants that make me look good, then decent, then overly endowed in the behind, then just a little weird, I finally threw some in the laundry today and will have a lovely, fresh pair for tomorrow.

I'm very excited. Enjoy your dryer!
Is it the time of year? I too have just done underwear laundry. Loud cheers for the new dryer!
i don't mind rack-dried undies. in fact, i prefer 'em cuz the elastic actually LASTS that way.

but jeans dried over the shower bar? NOOOOOOOO!!

congrats on the dryer -- long may it function in rabbitchland. and may you never hear my i.d. word, buzwbrr, coming from it!

ellen in indy
All this, and clean underwear too. Life just doesn't get any better.
During the years of the hefty tuition, we air-dried during the winter, and I am SO GLAD that era is over. Soft towels and clean underwear -- it's worthy of a celebration!
Hooray for clean undies!!!
More importantly... clean, warm underwear from the dryer. As opposed to clean, frozen underwear from the line. :D
Whoo hoo!! No more breaking in the clothes before putting them on! Tidy hindervinders are boss!
And would that underwear be on your head . . .

I remember the day when we went from an apartment-sized mini-dryer to the full-size one that matched the size of the washer batch, and I could actually dry towels, rather than tumbling wet ones for hours.

I love line drying clothing (b/c I am cheapcheapcheap) but won't hang out the unmentionables. Those go in the dryer.

What fun that you have one again!
The natural question being where, exactly, are you wearing your clean underwear?
Being another cheapskate, er, environmentally conscious person, I line dried all my stuff for three seasons of the year ... but not in winter. Being forced to air dry laundry in winter is definitely part of one of the circles of Hell.
We are all thanking FSM that you are wearing clean underwear.

(A working dryer is a thing of beauty.)
Clean underwear goes a long way towards brightening one's day, I find...
I remember getting our new dryer, and going from having to run the dry cycle three times to once, to get a load of laundry dried. That sucked bad...being dryerless, oh, that sucks even worse (because I have been there as well.) Thank heavens for freshly dried undies, so much nicer than the crunchy ones off the rack.
Clean panties are definitely one of life's good things. Congratulations :) I'm actually dying (get it, get it) to hear more about the yarn exploits!
I see a lot of people agree with me that a dryer is one of the great inventions of all time.
...and I see a lot of people wanting to know if your skivvies are on your head.

and don't forget, if you turn your undies inside out presto! they are clean!

charlizeen yahoooooooooooo
you wear underwear?

who knew?

I had you pegged commando---
Having just given birth to a new washer and dryer, I welcome you to that particular utopia that is laundry heaven. Or something like that.

Congrats on the clean underwear. You may now proceed to be in an accident.
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