Wednesday, February 20, 2008


We're There!

The website for the Fibrefest International has been updated. I know it's silly but it was pretty exciting to see my name there in black and white. Well, black and yellow. I feel like a real grown-up vendor now.

If you're in the neighbourhood March 7 or 8, be sure to drop by and say "hi". I'll be sharing a booth with Barb from Wild Geese Fibres. She's been dyeing up a storm too and I'm not sure what all she's bringing (not entirely sure what I'm bringing yet!) but I don't think you'll be disappointed -- I'm betting there's going to be lots of stuff to drool over.

Not on. If you actually drool on anything y'all have to buy it.

See you there!

Maybe you should bring little spit cups for people just in case!
~snort~ Amy just sent my coffee to the screen. If only I could be there~wah wahhh
I have been lurking since YH mentioned you in a long ago blog. It sounds like you are on your way to the top. I am stuck in the frozen midwest, but am working on hubby to move back to my beloved Pacific Northwest. It is sooooo wondrous to see all the fiber festivals I will have to choose from when I get there.
Continued success.
I think the drool rag is a required accessory at a fiber festival. Or even a decent fiber-y trunk show. Or a not-so-L YS.
Excellent. You have every reason to be excited. I always saved my name tags from shows I was a vendor at as well.. because it made me feel 'official'.
I disagree with the drool-cup proponents above. Suck it up (ha) and buy the yarn, guys!

marilyn (the one in ny)
knittingbox on yahooo
Russet? Are you bringing Russet?
Maybe a handknit drool rag or spit-cup holder is in order?
'scuze me whilst I do a pattern search on ravelry...
Congratulations!! You are REAL! I wish I still lived in Olympia,WA.
Whooooo-hoooooo! I only wish I could be there...

I knew I needed my own jet!
Yep, there you are, in print and everything! Wheeeeeeee!!

Good luck in completing dyeing, hopefully without dropping dead, and dang, I wish I could go! *snfl* Maybe next year... Or hell, maybe by fall you'll be venturing further, and you can make Oregon Flock & Fiber. One can hope, right?
::snork:: I had to comment again. For some reason looked at the comment form again, and the word verification is...


Oookay, now you're getting into Blogger somehow and advertising? Albeit somewhat drunkenly? "Radibidit." Hee!
I'm envisioning the sign in your booth: "Dudes: you slobber on it, you're gonna buy it"
Oh, I SO wish I could be there! Everyone who's going will just have to drool a little extra for me, and maybe buy a few extra skeins, too, so I can live vicariously :) Congratulations, Oh Fibre Maven.
How very cool! Will see if I can get out there!
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