Monday, February 18, 2008


Well ... Fuck.

I was trying to think of a nicer title but that sums it up.

I'm behind in dyeing so nothing is being shipped until Wednesday, however I'm always behind in everything so that's not my concern.

My problem at the moment is that I confidently opened a box of undyed yarn this morning only to discover that I'd been drunk-dialing or crocked-clicking or something.

50 skeins. Russet. Uh russet and snow aren't the same thing, are they?

I'm waiting to hear if I can exchange them. The good thing is that I think I have (almost) enough yarn to finish all of the orders I have here.

And well, if they won't exchange it, then I guess we have a hell of a lot of russet socks coming up.


If they won't take it back, you can dye some darker colours over russet. Could be the beginning of a great new series!
Surely you could throw something in the russett to make it interesting. You know we'll buy it.
Maybe you were thinking of potatoes
being white?

I think I've heard of something called "color remover" that can be dyed over, but the idea of overdying for a darker series is appealing too.

Heck, if all else fails, post a photo - somebody out there might like to buy some russet yarn.
couldn't you claim it was their error? sure you could.
Definitely could be good with some darker browns and stuff over the top. If, y'know, I had any kind of dying expertise.

Actually, sounds like something I'd buy. If they won't take it back that is.
I rather like your title :-)
IF they won't take it back, I too vote for at least a test-overdye. (Some of my favorites I've done were experiments gone awry that I then overdyed in a last ditch effort to salvage). You could call the colourway Drunk-Dialing. I'll even promise now to buy some!

Yup, yup. What they said. If they won't take it back, dye it! (Maybe that should be a new motto?) Bummer about the mix-up, though...
Definitely over-dye. I don't believe in coincidences. I believe there is a reason you were sent Russet. Try it. I'll bet, as Louisa pointed out, that it will inspire a great new series! When life gives you lemons (or potatoes)...

Looking forward to the results!
Oh, and if you do, don't use the good bleach~that's for drinkin
You see, me, I'm quite fond of russet. And variations of that theme. Pity I've been barred from buying yarn under threat of long distance projectile puke...
Yeah, uhhhh, discharge it. That's the ticket. (Discharge = fancy word for bleach. My fiber arts guild explored the wonderful world of removing color a couple of years ago.)
To quote from 4 Weddings and a Funeral.

Fuckity Fuck.
Fuck fuck fuck fuck.

Don't we all just love Anglo-Saxon?

Don't get yer panties in a bunch. It'll ll work out.
For your sake, I hope they'll exchange it but, if not, well I LOVE russet. I need russet. Russet is THE colour around here. We could start a Warm Socks for Nuns campaign to use it up or something.
How many colors can you overdye on russet? Or just mix up some hella thick dyes and splooge it on, all random-like. Drunk-dialing might be a winner; don't give up on it yet. And I think you'd have lots of takers for a "Rabbitch fuck-up"... who wouldn't want *that* in their stash collection? (spit-saving one now, thanks.)Cami
Mm, overdye with some dark wine color and/or black streaks...yum.

But that may be the wine talking. It is really too loud, I think.
Overdye it with black and other dark colours, it worked for Blue Moon Fiber Arts, they called it a "series".
from the book folk socks:
From Nancy Bush’s Pattern Introduction Flammegarn is the Norwegian name for yarn dyed by wrapping rush, twine, or other material tightly around the skeined yarn and placing it in a dye bath. When the yarn is dry, the rush is removed and the yarn has a mottled effect, rather than being one solid color. This type of "tie-dyed" yarn is not unique to Norway, but is used for stockings and other textiles throughout Scandinavia, Bavaria, and elsewhere.
you could call it 'drunk-dialing flammegarn'...
My dear - if you can't return it, let us know; "russet" may well be a color I'd like some of as a color favored by some of my vain French-Canadian voyageurs you know. MOST toques are some type of "rouge" or other.........all will NOT be lost!
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