Monday, February 11, 2008


Weaving About

Quick update, busier than stink, no time for long rants (or explanations of my post yesterday, some of which needs to be clarified) so I leave you with images of my latest works of "art". Actually I should say "our", as my daughter helped with the weaving of both of these.

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Here is the result of my first foray into weaving. It was co-opted for a saddle for my daughter's rabbit and frankly I couldn't think of a better use for it.

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This is my second attempt. Notice that the sides don't pull in as much but dude, I could have maybe beaten the weft down a little more. Or even a lot more. I think this is destined to fall apart pretty quickly.

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This one actually is a work of art, or at least closer than the weaving. I managed to get some yarn into the store today. Only four skeins in total (not all this colourway) but I'm working on it.

One day I'll be organized.

No, really. I will. Shut up.

I was gonna buy the sugarplumia - 'tis beautiful. The shop says there are 2, but there is no price popping up. I guess one of those other 3 guests on-line must've gotten to it first! :)
dammit woman, is there anything you won't do? Wait, on second thought, don't answer that. We don't want an episode of bleach drinking...
Niiice! How would you compare the time it takes to knit something with weaving a comparable sized piece? They both look great! And it can't be all that bad, it's all fiber after all. Organised? m OK
Oh man, that sugar plum... way to make the laceweight colorway choice harder. Damn you, woman.

And yo, here's a happy dance for your Harlot post! You're in for it now.

Um, Kris? better take away the bleach now. Apparently it's lemony-fresh and goes well with iced vodka.
I think that depends on the bleach. The day I accidentally dripped bleach on my water bottle, I thought it tasted too salty.
Beating your weft. Heh heh.

The sugarplum yarn is gorgeous! Stop dyeing beautifully, 'k?
Were you aware you got props today on The Harlot? Very cool!

As for the weaving and drawing in of tension... if I may be so bold as to offer a tip: on a floor loom, when I lay in my weft, I hold it taut at the edge from which it emerges and lay it in at an angle (around 45 degrees) lightly. Then when I beat it, it covers the expanse more readily. My teacher called this "bubbling in".

Just a tip. You're doing well, though!
Rabbit saddle.

Somehow I know this will figure into the dreams tonight.

-get your mind out of the gutter=
I'm a lurker but had to say congrats on the Harlot mention - here's hoping you can quit the Job that Blows Goats sooner than you think!
There goes all that stock you were amassing for the festival. Congratulations and good luck on the Harlot response. I guess you can just sell roving at the festival, assuming everyone comes looking for yarn.
Hey, sweetpea, in some of your copious spare time, go check out my blog. You're there.
It's not the "getting" organized that's the big problem for me, it's the "staying" organized! In other words, don't bother.

That's some damn gorgeous yarn there.
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