Tuesday, February 26, 2008


My Job Is Giving Me Hives

No, srsly. I have problems with eczema and I'm itchy a lot of the time anyhow, but of late the only time I have serious problems with it is at work. I walk in the door and I go nuts with the itching for 8 hours. It drops by about 90% the minute I walk out the door. (There has been no addition of anything new at work ... just the stress, which is what mostly triggers this.)

And today I got another nastygram from the powers that be.

Makes me glad I applied for a permanent job at the "good" place this weekend. I'm anticipating I'll know within a week.

Keep your fingers crossed. I get the "yes", these motherfuckers get two weeks.

If that.

Oh fsm, the itching is the worst isn't it? You clearly need out.

Good luck, and if you don't mind I'll have some of that too. Interview later today. May we all get the jobs we want...
Fingers crossed, locked and loaded.

The itch definitely says you need to get the hell out of there.
I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you. WHEN you get the new job, two weeks notice is two weeks too many for the nasty job!
Fingers crossed, and toes. I'll light a candle for you.
My finger and other parts are severely crossed for you. No, I wasn't born that way. I got a nastygram yesterday too. They canned me.
De-lurking to say that I read this early in the morning and I totally through you said "nastygasm" instead of "nastygram".

..er.. I read it 'nastygasm' also and initially wondered 'wtf'..do we even want to ponder that?
Everything that can cross is crossed, good luck with getting the good job at the good place.
I have everything crossed that I can cross while still being able to function.
Jeez, that's a bad sign! Here's hoping that job at the good place is all yours! Best of luck.
I'll go sacrifice something to FSM (some chocolate bunnies maybe) and see if we can't get you a good answer! In the mean time maybe we should all send you some anti-itch cream? Oh.. that didn't sound good.
I had a job once that made me puke every morning before I left the house. 2 weeks notice sounds like 2 weeks too many. I'm a firm believer in also telling them like it is and why I am leaving. Good luck.

What does FSM mean?
sending good vibes, karma, and any other good shit I can find your way that you get the job! :-)
XX My fingers are crossed for everybody!
Ohboyohboyohboy! OK, sacrificial lambs all round, or at least, libations and sacrificial chocolate. Heck, I'd donate yarn to the cause, if needed! Keeping everything crossed (which is going to make standing up for lecture pretty interesting, but anything for a good cause!). :)
Good lord, at first I thought you were going to write that dyeing yarn was giving you hives!!!
(see, I view that as your REAL work I guess)
Very best of luck. Console yourself by watching towels tumble around in the new dryer.
I'll send good vibes your way. I know how it feels to be stuck in hell.
Fingers crossed for ya! I know the pain of being stuck in a job that isn't quite what you pictured back at high school career day...

I have a good feeling about this, though! I really do!!
i'm just home from a 12-hour workday and due back in 11 hours, so you have my sympathy. i'll be holding the good thought for you to get the good job.

and if you get it, i don't know canadian labor laws, but i'd give them two weeks' notice -- by mail they have to sign for to get, so you have proof of delivery.

then, if they can you after they get it, maybe you get unemployment pay or something. and if they don't can you, you keep the high ground instead of stooping to their level. and knowing you're outta there may relieve your hives, too.

(i hate to raise this specter, but is there any chance it's shingles instead of hives? my 40-something friend got shingles because the stress of doing two people's work for an impossible boss reactivated the chickenpox virus lurking in his system.
When your job makes you itch it's time to go. Fingers and toes crossed for you.
hmm. I've got an itchy patch recently, too. Makes you wonder.
I get the same thing. Eczema runs in my family, but patches mysteriously show up/get horribly itchy when I'm stressed out. They're definitely related.
I'll even cross my eyes for you. Hate bad jobs or is it the people!
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