Wednesday, February 06, 2008


If You Blog It, They Will Come

Or something like that.

Apparently if you actually write stuff on your blog then people will show up to read it! And if you don't, as I have not of late, then your subscribers drop you faster than ... uh ... than a fast-dropping thingie.

See? See why I am not writing? My brain is addled with dye fumes, I tell you.

The first whack of Moral Turpitude roving has been shipped out (apart from a couple of ounces that didn't exactly felt but that were more compressed than I like, making pre-drafting a bit icky. I have since perfected improved my technique and the slightly-less-easily-drafted bits will go to my friend Michelle, who has apparently been bitten by the needle felting bug.

Every needle felter needs a friend who is just learning the business of dyeing roving. And everyone who is learning to dye roving needs a friend who needle felts. I hate waste. (Michelle is also one of my oldest and dearest friends, from the wayback days of Usenet. I am proud to be her fiber pusher and guarantee there will be a stream of sheep hair flowing across the border for years to come. Or, you know, until she gets bored of poking holes in her fingers. I mock merely because I am jealous; I long for the felting of the needles but have no time to do so.)

During this process I have used up all of my black dye so a trip over to Granville Island is in order for the morning. If you're waiting for an order, it's on its way; I'm just a little behind (or, you know, a great big behind, if you prefer.)

There's really been very little going on in my life. No rants, no outrages. It makes for boring blogging.

Mr. Assmuppet starts his job "for reals" tomorrow morning, I have (or will have) enough fibre to do the Fibre Fest, and my kid hates getting up in the morning and my amazing tsock kit has arrived. That's about the most excitement there's been in my life (although I can pretty much guarantee there's going to be a lot more excitement and cussing once I actually cast those puppies on)

Oh and, apropos of nothing, I hate chenille.

Stay tuned for exciting updates as they happen!

As you were.

I have the same issue with needlefelting. Looks like fun...looks like a big old timesucker. Like I need any more. Good luck with the socks. I am suffering eye strain from just watching the Harlot...
Although I'd love to try it, I'm not the sort who should be speedily poking needles close to my hands (and face). But then again...
I'm going to opt out of the needle felting craze only because I don't have health insurance and couldn't afford all of the trips to the ER. Knitting is as daredevil as I'm getting.
Unsubscribers, bah! They clearly do not know the glory that is the google RSS reader. I get to read when you update, and keep living my life when you don't, without having to come check every day. So be sporadic, I say! Do whatever the hell you want! Rest easy in the knowledge that when you update, it comes to me and I read.
Amen! RSS for the win! Write when you want, and when you can. We're here at your beck and call.

Erm.. okay so its more like leave a message than slaves. Just so you don't get your hopes up for fanning and peeled grapes.
Chenille is a bastard.

I, for one, know I will keep checking this blog because it's one of the few places you can get knitting content, Pratchett references, and hilarious stories involving wine mishaps.

How could I stay away?
You GOT it! You GOT it!

Oh, yeah, and you wrote about some other things too, didn't you. Notice how it's all about ME?

But I'm not taking you off my RSS feed list any time soon, even if you never mention my damn sock kit again. So there.
The joy of bloglines means that I know when you post, and I know when you don't (much like Santa that way, no?) -- and I'll be here whenever you do! Yay for the Fibre Fest!! That is just the greatest news ever :) I can't wait to hear all about it. Good luck with those socks by the way; reading the Harlot's blog has been as close as I want to come to them, so I'll live vicariously through you!
I've never tried needle felting - it always seemed like such a mean thing to do to poor helpless fiber.
Ooooh! Granville Island! One of my favorite places on the planet.

Hey, I'm working my way up to Canada, as promised. Operating out of Seattle now. Yay!
Oh, hi. I finally updated my stupid blog. <3

I still can't figure out how to make THINGS with my needle felting, but I can make STUFF and that's not so bad. Stabbing is fun.
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