Thursday, February 07, 2008


CafePress Store Open

OK, I have two piddly categories in my CafePress store. It's way incomplete and looks like hell and it took me like two weeks to get it done. Anybody's looking for any sort of computer/internet/store set up help should seek elsewhere.

But at least Tally will stop bugging me.

I'll fix it up some more later and try to add some more categories and delete the more lame-assed products and make it not look quite so much like poop, but now I have to find my snow boot (yes, just one, the elves have taken it) and then get the child to school.

And by "later" I mean "in my next lifetime" more than likely.

I think y'all know my grasp on time by now.

The shirts are great. And I am not the elf.
love the shirts :-)
I love the shirts!
I think you're doing great not to be just leaving the house in one boot, hopping your way to school. :)
Matching boots are overrated. All the cool kids are wearing one boot and one fuzzy bunny slipper these days. I'm pretty sure I saw that on Project Runway...

Congrats on the CafePress shop! I'm off to go check it out and be all impressed. :) Well done!
She done went Cafe Press! Congrats! And give yourself a break for cripe's sake~great works take time. That means you don't have to have it all perfecty and stuff right this minute.;-)
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Blogger doesn't allow picture comments, unfortunately.

You would have loved it, too.
OMG! I'm so excited! I can't wait to get my hoodie! w00t! *happy dance*
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