Wednesday, February 27, 2008


The Apple. The Tree. So Close.

My daughter started dyeing wool last night. It's gorgeous -- I'd proudly sell it as my own. In fact I just might if I can't get enough stuff done for this FibreFest thingie.

It's next Friday. Gah!

E's yarn is drying now. It was supposed to be for socks. We were going to be all matchy. She now wants it to be a scarf. I am trying not to be bitter.

I have a feeling that by this time next week I'm going to be knitting lace for a 7-year-old. Anyone have a suggestion for a good lace pattern involving sock-weight yarn?

I have pictures of the yarn; will upload tomorrow. Right now I'm sitting, itching, in the basement at work.


7-stitch gull wing pattern in EZ's Knitter's Amanac (the February baby sweater).

Blocks out beautifully in sock-weight.
Woodland Shawl. (It's on Ravelry) - a lot of people had turned it into a scarf if that's your preference, and it's written for a sock weight. Can't wait for the pictures!
I've done Branching Out in sock yarn (found at
Hey, you could teach her how to knit on the purl rows, and then she'd have even a bit more of herself in there!
Feather and Fan, all the way. Very simple pattern (only 4 rows, only one of which involves counting) and makes up beautifully in any weight. (There's a free download at if needed.)
How about that Chevon Scarf thingy that everyone has been knitting?
I can't wait to see her dye job!
I did Swallowtail in fingering weight and it was lovely if I do say so myself. If she can dye yarn, why can't she knit her own scarf?
I feel like Sherlock Holmes. I just matched this up with what you're queueing up on Ravelry.

So many stalking opportunities, so little time...
I think Sivia Hardings lace patterns look good in fingering weight.

Also I think has some patterns for big easy shawls/stoles/wraps whatever they call them, in fingering weight.

Does your cutie pie know how to knit? If not, this sounds like a golden opportunity for teaching her. Then she can knit her own scarf, which who knows, might end up smaller than if you were the one knitting it. Or it could totally be much longer, one can never tell when dealing with a clever munchkin.

charlizeen yahooooooooooooot
Pacalaga,thanks for the tip on the Swallowtail. I began mine with Misti lace weight, which seems much finer than the lace weights I've used in the past. Or maybe it's just the fuzziness. In any event, it's in the UFO pile because I made a mistake and can't bear the thought of looking for it. In fingering weight however... And, it'd be bigger, too! Thanks Pacalaga!

charlizeen on yahoooooooot [if we can have w00t, we can have yahoooooooot, or maybe it should be yah00000000000t. And maybe I should right this silly crap on my own blog (which I don't have). Hmmm...
I can't wait to see Missy Moo's yarn! Go, girl! Feather and fan is indeed nice and simple -- so simple, that perhaps a neophytic knitting daughter could do it?
the soap's in the mail! Be sure to let me know when it arrives.
I knit almost all my lace in fingering weight yarn. It makes a slightly heavier lace than the lace weight does, but it's still very light and sheer. Go up a couple of sizes on the needle, of course.

Many designers, like Evelyn Clark, suggest a variety of yarn weights for their designs.
How about letter her pick a pattern? Takes the pressure off, until you have to knit it, that is ;-)
Sivia Harding has a great free design called the Little Leaf Lace Scarf. I made one in sock-weight... worked great!
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