Tuesday, January 22, 2008


What Moral Turpitude Looks Like

This is what the roving turned out to look like. I can't make the writing go where it's supposed to go because technology hates me today, but this'll have to do.

Apparently the black didn't set so we have blue/grey/lavender, and then red and then very black and purple. Works for me.
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Hokay, I love Moral Turpitude - and hey, the colorway's gorgeous, too. My burning question is:

Are you planning to dye some Moral Turpitude yarn? Like, in sock weight or such. 'Cause I'm immoral enough to desperately want some socks in that colorway! Want, lust, need, pine, sigh after, wantwantwant! (Yeah, I could spin it, but I'd have to dig out a wheel, and I'm impatient besides.)
Ohhhh. Yummmm.

So where can ones fetch pretties? No matter that I'm working two commissions and spinning frog hair. Duffysan want pretties!
Thanks for the clarification.

Oh, and ps.....
don't let US immigration know that you have moral turpitude. They might bar your entry.
I keep reading Moral Turpitude as Moral Turpintine . And then the whole "wool fumes" thing made some real sense.

Don't bug me dude, I'm over here huffing some moral turpentine.
Alas, if only I knew how to spin....
That colorway makes me squee!! Although I too am entirely too butch to make such sounds! I think we'll be needing that in sock yarn. Please.
ooooooooooo that is fantastic! I love it. I love red. I love purple. I love the bruised heart quality of it. fantastic!!! I might just have to find a place in my stash for that...
Hooray for moral turpitude!! There's nothing better in life. I'm loving the idea of socks in moral turpitude. Does this indicate a strange sort of foot fetish?
Love the Turpitude!

Can we expect Moral Bankruptcy? Socially Inadequate? Love and Heartburn? Inherent Lassitude? Juvenile Ingrate? Juvenile Delinquent? Juve in the Nile? Hotly Contested? Perfect Storm?

Someone, stop me please.
I lurve that color!
hmmm. my h.s. speech coach used to warn us not to miss immortality by a t.

but i'd consider buying yarn that did so. if i had any money . . .
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