Monday, January 28, 2008


Holy Bat, Crapman!

Oh, it's been quite a week. We laughed, we cried, we ate a pig (no, not like a pig -- i think we ate a whole pig this week. it's almost the only meat i like and apparently i like it a lot.)

Then there was more laughing and crying and I think I slept a lot, too -- at least on the weekend. It's all a little unclear.

Much of the laughing and the crying was caused by my computer. At first it appeared that all that was wrong was the fan and there was laughing. And typing, there was typing, too. And then the computer died again and there was crying because it's not going to be replaced any time soon and I have a store update and a bunch of pictures to post.

And then after the hysteria cleared I figured out I'm not doing all that poorly, really. Fer instance, today I got a huge box of yarn from Wen, who apparently thinks that destashing means sending me all her yarn. (note: if you are destashing silk, please feel free to continue labouring under this delusion.)

I also learned to weave this week (ok it's not as impressive as it sounds, it was on a lap loom and it was just one lump of blanket-like material, about the size of a placemat) and taught my daughter, as well. The laughter involved in that case came after I took the finished item off the loom and realized that even if I blocked the hell out of it, there's no way the edges were going to be straight. More laughter ensued when my daughter co-opted it for a saddle for her (large) stuffed rabbit and spent several hours bouncing up and down the hallway on it.

This lump of blanket-like material is one of the items of which there would be photos, if the computer was working ... thus leading to more of the crying and such.

One of the things that helped me put things in perspective was a post from Norma The Do-Gooding Trollop about This Project. These folks lost everything over two years ago and they're still waiting.

Me? I've lost a few conveniences and comforts (and i'll admit i'm not noble-minded enough not to still be bitter about the car and the dryer -- did you know air-dryed towels were crunchy? yeah. eww.) but I still get to live indoors with my family and my "stuff".

I'm doing ok, indeed.

I totally know what you mean about the air dried towels. My dryer died last week. We seem to go through a dryer about every 2 years with doing 5 loads a day every day of the year they don't last.
Pigs, rabbit saddles, broken appliances and charity...can only come from you. Mebbe a friend can do the shop updates for you. I know there's that stupid time thing.
Do-Gooding Trollop reporting for duty, SIR!

Yeah. You know what, though? Just because our travails can't compare to some other people's travails, I have recently decided that it's still OK to hurt and whine and complain a little about our OWN.
Ah, air-dried towels are crunchy, yes, but they smell so gooooood! Depending upon the air pollution level in your area, of course.

Of course, crunchy towels that have been SNOWED on? Not so good. Are you going to make it to work today dearest?

I'd offer you the use of my computer but apparently mine attended the same bastard convention as yours. It's iffy as to whether it will even turn on in the mornings (and that's AFTER spending $450 repairing it. Nice.)

But of course, you are always welcome to visit, at any rate. I'll send the sled and huskies.
I'm afraid I've nominated you in my list of knitting bloggers who make me smile. Apparently, this means you should "give the award to 10 people whose blogs bring you happiness and inspiration and make you feel happy about blogland. Let them know by posting a comment on their blog so they can pass it on. Beware you may get the award several times."

But if you don't do this you won't actually have anything bad happen, so just enjoy the award.

Actually, I like crunchy towels.
ay, chica, so sorry about the appliance/auto graveyard thing. I'll keep a look out for friends upgrading their computers and see if I can snag you one. Maybe ask others to do the same???
Not just about having a hammer and seeing everything as a nail - but from the little I've heard about it I suspect your computer problem boils down to a burnt-out power supply. Which is totally no big deal to replace. It is REALLY annoying that you are so far away - I could fix that for you in a heartbeat, dammit. Just did same for myself after long procrastination. Funny how the travails of the universe seem to run parallel - we just went through dryer hell here too. (And when you live right on the water your air-dried towels don't get crunchy because they don't ever actually get dry at all.)
Wow, it sounds just like the Emmy's around your house -- they laughed, they cried, they ate pig. We know all about the crunchy towels from our airconditionerless heat wave this summer -- no bloody way we were drying anything indoors, so we hung them out to dry. They did smell good, though... I love that you wove a rabbit saddle -- how appropriate is that?
I air-dried for years, and one way to help a bit with the crunchiness is to roll them up into tubes and then squish 'em. Act like you're hand felting them. Beat 'em, even, it might help with the frustration. It's still not perfect, but it's better.

My verification word is "hlzbsddc", which I think might be a new swear word.
I hang most of my washing out to dry,but I especially always hang my sheets and towels out to dry. Apart from contributing a bit less to global warming (what a pompous ass I am!) they smell and feel much better. Crunchy is good - they are more absorbent that way.
I think there must be a Universal Connection between eletrical thingies; it seems like more than one go whompo at once. It's the Group of Three rule. Check out that power source idea.
As far as hanging things on the line, does using liquid Downy in the washer help? I'm D-termined to get some kinda lines summer comes again because I DO love the smell, and I'm old enough that I'm pining for the old days and I wanna put on my little apron, wind up my hair in bobby pins and stand out there with a mouthfull of wooden clothespins......SENILE? who said that......
Things in my house are breaking steadily. But I decided that the computer was more important than the washer/dryer. So I, too, live with the crunchy towels. ::sigh::

Hang in there!
Ah pig. How I miss pig up here. Closest I've come in a long while is a can of something that resembled Spam bought for a price that would have ransomed my firstborn child. So, while you're munching those crispy strips or tender loins, please think of us up here in nowheresville, living, also sans dryer, sans car, and sans pig. Dammit, now you've got me jonesing for a ham sandwich!
Damned computers. Get you all hooked and even making money, then they up and die on you and cost money. Good luck, and hope you can sneak looks at Craigslist or something at work, and find a decent one cheap! Or whatever.

The whacking crunchy towels sounds like a good idea. While drinking wine. Cool on the weaving - hell, all first weaving looks like that - and ooh, eating pig...I love eating pig! The only pig I have is sausages. I think Toad-in-the-Hole is in my future. (Better remember to defrost the sausages first, though, right? Frozen pig is kinda crunchy too.)
oooh, sympathy on the dryer. our washer died of overwork last winter (two big, burly guys couldn't free up the drum), so i schlepped 3 people's sh-tuff to the laundromat for months.

in winter, i often air-dry towels most of the way indoors in an effort to humidify the house while cutting the power bill. a short sprint in the dryer and they're soft. do you have a friend whose dryer you could throw barely-damp towels into?

i strongly advise against fabric softener in towels -- it makes them less absorbent.

envy me -- i live surrounded by corn-and-hog-producing country. mmmmm. bacon, ham, pork roast, regular sausage -- all very tasty. and now that our hispanic population has grown, chorizo is easy to find.

a wise woman once said if it has tires or testosterone, you're gonna have trouble with it. given my experiences with laundry appliances, i'd add metal drums and pixels to the list.

my verification word is pgichb, which sounds like a word for an extremely irritable sow!
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