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The Year In Review

Archives. Read them, bitch.

There seem to be a number of questions and comments I haven't addressed, so I will, however, do the Month In Review.

(please note I have not provided linkage here. if work is really slow tonight I shall rectify this error)

A. Dyeing Roving

December 6 -- yes, the roving for FemiKnit Mafia was dyed with spite. Also acid dyes. I should have some more done shortly. I don't have any more Wensleydale here, so it won't have that amazing shine but it'll be (approximately) the same colourway.

December 28 --

katelnorth, yes, it does have to be merlot. Unless you don't have any and then really, anything short of paint thinner will do. And yes, "floop" is a technical term. You learn these things when you're a professional fibre artiste such as myself.

ellen in indy - easter egg dye works well; most of my first stuff 2 or 3 years ago was done with easter egg dye. I've never had any run, although I will not guarantee its colour-fastness. You can get some good combos with that, without a whole lot of outlay in the way of cash -- it's a good way to start. You might also want to look at Wilton's cake dyes -- they have an excellent colour range and they are colour-fast.

anne marie in philly -- your identifying word, "hirertfu" stands for "Hire Rodent-Titted Fuckups." Those with whom I currently work and also those to whom I am close and are experiencing a crisis in personnel management will understand completely.

Jill -- when dyeing naked yarn, either merlot or pinot grigio is equally acceptable. A pinot noir is also just fine for the roving, however I'd steer clear of the shiraz for that, if I were you.

Carol -- seeing everyone in the blogosphere is writing books I now, due to your suggestion, have an urge to write a Dr. Soused book. Or, to avoid copyright infringement lawsuits I may follow Wendy's suggestion and do a "cussword-a-day" calendar.

Anne -- spin sober, especially with a drop spindle. I speak from experience here.

Michelle -- if you're using blush wine during the dyeing process, I assume you're using more delicate fibres such as bunny, alpaca or silk? Otherwise for the best results you'd really better top it up with Screech or something.

Corbie -- a serious answer to your question (not that all of the above aren't serious) is that I use Ciba acid dyes. They're relatively inexpensive (I usually get out of the store for less than $100, and remember I'm buying in bulk) and they're easy to use, colourfast and give fantastic results. If you want some advice drop me a line at teh.bunnei at gmail dot com and I'll do what I can to help.

FemiKnit Mafia -- any time you're in this neck of the woods, you and Little Man are most welcome. We have a big house and although all of the bedrooms are now occupied a little creative juggling can always free one of them up for guests. I'll buy as much wine as you'd like, and you can watch me paint my hands blue and green all night if that's what scrolls your nard. ("scroll your nard" is a phrase we used to use in high school. I have no idea what it means but it makes me giggle like a loon. You're welcome.)

And last but not least ...

Sweet Camden Lass -- I weighed the roving because it was a custom order, and we'd settled on a price for four ounces. I didn't want to send her only two and rip her off, she's a fairly recent but a good and true friend. I also didn't want to send her a pound and either overwhelm her or rip myself off and dig into the kid's college fund (and of course deplete the fund for the cheap merlot).

B. Weaving

December 8 -- yes, I have a loom (two, in fact) but I haven't had time to warp them yet. There will hopefully be much weavage in the coming year.

R. Payin' It Forward

I will knit for Debbie, BigGirlKnitter (yes, you're supposed to have a blog but really I can't see why you can't have fun too, as long as y'all will pay it forward, yourself), PackAlpha and Knit Wit.

I can't email you, slowknitter, as I can't find any way to contact you. Drop me a line at teh.bunnei at gmail dot com, willya?

9. Warshcloth Prizes

There will be a couple more of these, plus also some left-over stuff from last year's hat challenge that I didn't post about. I need about a week to get my head on straight again after the "festivities".

xoxo. Shrink-Wrapped Crap

Contestant C, I cannot begin to tell you how delighted I am that my little girl is growing up enough to want her own room. She eats crackers in bed (it's full of crumbs), and she kicks like a mule. Despite the work involved in organizing and painting a room, it's well-worth the many extra hours of sleep I will get every week.

Apparently the room will be peach and girly. This is way better than the goth phase she was going through last year.

And yes, Heather, please come visit, and soon. I'm working like a bitch to the middle of January and then I will have some free time.

Wenchlette, please come over soon too. We need to spin!

And Abby, for the holiday season most of what we did was eat, drink and work. I'm so glad it's over. May next year's be less frantic (please FSM).

%$#. The Dreaded Christmas Knitting

I didn't finish it. Everyone just has to deal.

Stephanie, however, did. I am sending her sock yarn as a prize. (I'm assuming that's the reason she put the heat on at the last minute there, 'cause I'd told her I would. The name Yarn Harlot is well-earned. And yes, it's all about me.) She's getting the sock yarn I dyed in the "Revenge" colourway, but there will be much more of that available in the new year.

And now, I think that just about sums it all up.

I'm up dyeing wool right now, but I shall return to bed at 3pm-ish. I'll be working as y'all ring in the Nude Year tonight and then am having a second Christmas tomorrow at my parents' house so that the brother and his partner can join us.

I wish each and every one of you a joyous, prosperous and safe new year.

And, of course, a bucket of cheap merlot. (or maybe some really good coffee or something for those of you who don't indulge)

It's been a joy and a privilege getting to know a lot of you in the past year. I've even met some folks face-to-face and have discovered that I blush and get shy and stupid when people recognize me. Who knew?

Lady in Seattle with the hat who I met at Laurie's book signing, I didn't even ask who you were because I was so startled -- please forgive me. I suppose that when one has a fair number of readers and has announced in advance that one will be at a fairly public event, one shouldn't be shocked when some of those readers show up and recognize one. I shall do better in the coming year, I promise. I'll also likely buy some Depends.

And now I return to the dyepots. Anyone who is expecting an order, I am going to the post office on Wednesday.

See you all on the next page of the calendar.

Hoppy New Year to my favourite bunny!
I have read the archives, bitch, did you want something more specific?
Happy new year, Hazel, and don't let the fuckers get you down.
i second pacalaga:

illegitimi non carborundum posterior tuum

(for those of you who never learned just enough latin to bastardize it, "don't let the bastards grind your ass.")

here's wishing us all more knitting time, more gorgeous yarn, better patterns (other folks' or those of our own devising), great specials on good wines . . . and lots more money for WAY less work!

and my verification word -- vqkypndx sounds like something one should have removed, painful though it probably would be.
Happy New Year Bunnie!! *hiccup*
Happy New Year !
A very happy and healthy new year to you and yours! I believe if you published your grocery list, it would sell like hotcakes-of course, no pun intended.
Happy New Year! Here's to a year full of fibrous fun, not to mention merlot. Life is good. (But here's the real question: which fiber goes with champagne? 'Cause sometimes a girl's just gotta drink something with bubbles. Unless she needs single-malt, but I'm guessing that's wool...)
Little Man and I would be delighted to visit. Likewise, a hearty invite for the next time you're in Massachusetts. I suspect we could cause a lot of trouble together. :-)
Lady In Seattle With The Hat says hi, Rabbitch! :)

Rest assured that you have made up for any embarrassed fumbling at the signing with this charming note. I was unreasonably excited to find a message to me in your blog today - look honey, says I, famous knitblogger remembered me and said hello! Honey is a little bewildered, but I am very charmed.

I was also very charmed by how impressed you were with my handspun sweater at the signing, and delighted to hear that you're spinning more. I heartily recommend knitting with your own handspun. It's amazingly exciting, and really helps your spinning improve by leaps and bounds as you see how it knits up and realize what qualities you want in your yarn.

Your dying has inspired me to try my hand at it. The Eastside Spinners out here are having a dye day in a few weeks, and I have a whole pound of superwash roving plus a bunch of handspun ready to experiment with. We're also going to try kettle dying a lace shawl I've finished knitting, which sould be an interesting experiment. I'm considering skeining up some laceweight to dye, as well. I think you may have created a monster.

All the best to you and yours in the new year! ::hugs::

Lisa The Riveter
Alrighty, are you still spinning? I've added a little something to your package since I'm an ass and it was late.

I was thinking of hand-delivering it, but I don't have time to get up there until February, because of roller derby and all that sh*t.

And speaking of...will you come down for a bout?
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