Wednesday, December 12, 2007


The First Of The Warshcloth Prizes

I haven't finished opening all of the boxes and bags and envelopes yet ... honestly, you people! Thank you so much!

But I thought seeing I said I would start picking names for prizes on December 1 and it must be almost that time by now, I should start.

I asked my Random Number Generator (my daughter) to pick a number between one and twenty-three. She said why, and I said because if she didn't I'd beat her with a stick.

After the giggling wore off (apparently I'm not that threatening) she chose eight.

And it would appear that Ann has just won herself a big fat skein of Rideau Arcott/Jacob/Alpaca dyed by me in the Anthem colourway. I think there's about 375 yards in there and it knits up at 7 st/in. Enough for a big pair of socks. (not that her feet are big)

I don't have a picture, alas, but it's navy blending into turquoise and then flashes of magenta. Very sedate. No, really.

Knit them in good health, cookie. And these are for you, none of that do-gooding giving away stuff, ok?

Isn't it sad when kids don't take us seriously? I roared at the girls the other day, and they just laughed. Isn't roaring supposed to be scary and threatening? I must've gotten it wrong somehow...
I won? Seriously?

I sweartodog that i will make something for me with this wonderful prize.

I'd like to thank my producer, my director, and my costars. No, wait. Wrong acceptance speech.

Thanks, muchly.

lease tell the Random Number Generator that her tip is in the mail.
Sounds beautiful. Ann, please take a picture so we can hassle Rabbitch to make some for sale, please?
Congrats to Ann! Cool speech, Ann! ::applause::

(Um, whaddaya mean, wrong speech? Lessee, you produced and starred; Rabbitch directed; costars = needles and yarn. I don't see a problem here; am I missing something?? And by the bye, you keep wearing multiple hats like that, pretty soon you may be rivaling Paul Gross for multi-tasking!)

And yeah, we want pictures, you betchum. Please.
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