Friday, December 07, 2007


An Educational Post

Save the environment. Feed beans to a kangaroo.

You're welcome.

roflmao --

but how are you going to fit a cow into a kangaroo's jeans? we need an udder solution, don't we?
Well said ellen in indy!

Enough Said!
Mmmm, kangaroo is yummy, too!
What if there were side effects? Because I find the notion of bouncing cows really rather disturbing... (BTW, you're always welcome at my blog -- I'm apparently not that wedded to my G rating :) )
TEN words. Just ten words. That is all it took to give me the best laugh I have had in weeks, maybe months. I LOVE it, you never disappoint.
It's obvious yuou have too much surfing time. That's what's most fun about the internet - if you surf around long enough you are bound to turn up some bizarro mugget like that.
First for cows, next for people? (C'mon, we contribute natural gas; it's just no scientists ever seem to talk about it. Even the guys are suspiciously silent on that, er, front. Unlike their normal modus operandi. [g])
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