Saturday, December 01, 2007


A Brief Commercial Message

More wool in the store (link on the sidebar).

And now, seeing I hate it when people use their blogs for nothing but shilling sheep shit (to quote Franklin), I shall get some sleep and then update you on my exciting life (possibly with pictures of half a mitten) later tonight.

I haven't bruised anything but a toe lately, so there will be no body parts, but who knows what could happen in the 15 hours until I have to go to work again?

I am drinking whisky, after all.

Yes, at 8am.

shut up.

So what if it's 8am. It is right in the middle of happy hour (6pm) in Tallin, Estonia, so drink up and say "Tervist"!!
You know.. I actually don't mind when folks remind their readers of updates or show what they are working on for sale. As long as its not EVERY SINGLE POST.. that gets annoying. Hooray for updates!
Medicinal. Much to be said for the medicinal qualities of whiskey, and it works just as well at 8:am as any other time. Tervist! (You're a better man than I am charlie brown; I can't swallow that nasty-tasting stuff at any time...but I love a dark stout with honey added....)
Jaysus H. Christ on a cracker, I just bought some of your sheep-derived shite yesterday! Now you are tempting me with more?! Get thee behind me, Ovine-hilda!

By the way, I think that if you work the night shift, drinking at 8 a.m. is the equivalent of drinking at 7 or 8 p.m. for day workers. Dayworkers get home from their jobs at 6 or 7, get their post-work cocktails an hour or two later. You get home at 6 or 7 AM, and you're having your post-work cocktail an hour or two later.

It's so funny that you think you have a drinking problem.
Hey, your 8:00 in the a.m. is most people's p.m. Thus, a nice beverage of any kind is appropriate! Especially when it is all cold and snowy out there...

I also don't mind store updates. I think it makes sense if you're going to sell stuff to do a little advertising.

I have spoken. So it is said, let it be done. (cue organ music)
Whiskey in the morning is good for your blood pressure. And it helps kill any incipient cold viruses, too. No, really. Keep the updates coming, baby!
in the words of the great jimmy buffett:

it's five o'clock somewhere

(even at 8 a.m.)

if by some chance you don't know the song, look up the lyrics. they fit pretty well w/your work situation, i think . . .

ellen in indy
Just make sure you buy all of US a round while you're at it!
My grandfather believed he was a tea-totaler all his life. But my grandmother put a shot of whisky in his tea EVERY SINGLE MORNING. Not sure who was fooling whom. Hee.
It's 6 a.m. now, and I think I'll join you in a small belt. And considering a rousing round of "Take this Job and Shove It."
Someone has already mentioned this, but hey, I agree! Since you get home from work in the am (at least that is what I surmise from my reading!) It is after work for you, which is typical "beer-o-clock" for most people, so enjoy your whiskey!!
I have a great bruise, but no one wants to see it :( No comments here: Your 8am is our 8pm, so long as it makes you a happy blogger;)
I just followed a link to an Etsy shop and had a good snerking time, and thought you might like this...
When you're feeling the loathing about your job or anything else, go visit and spend a wee bittie time reading the enchanting captions on these greeting cards:

They warm the cockles of my ickle heart, they do. [eg]
You're home fro work - It's Happy Hour! Drink up. Have one for me.
As we used to say when my sweetie, who also works nights, would come home around 8 am and fix himself a sandwich with mustard and jalapenos and an appropriate adult beverage, Beer: it's not just for breakfast any more.
Can you get good bourbon up there? A nice bottle of Knob Creek is what you need to keep you warm at... 8am. As do we all.
mmm, whisky.
ya know, with your work schedule, our 8 am is your 7 pm. perfectly acceptable!
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