Saturday, November 17, 2007


Y'all Are Sick

So I go on over to Statcounter and check the latest keyword searches. The results?

69.77% rabbitch
4.65% rabbitch blog
4.65% wet boxers blog
2.33% get carsick unless i'm driving
2.33% downjacket bondage
2.33% fucked diligently
2.33% lunette the clown naked
2.33% stumble you might fall
2.33% ratcatching with ferret
2.33% dead deer being eaten by coyotes
2.33% stars from wisconsin
2.33% short haired harlot


You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Yeah, well, you know the real pervs have you bookmarked already. :-)
I wonder who Lunette is....

No, Jel hasn't tried the wheel...yet! I'm sure it'll happen once she has a chance to come up for air.
1. You made that up.
2. Besides, the only really freakishly scary thing in there is about Lunette being naked. THAT disturbs me. (Hint: Google "Big Comfy Couch")
::hanging head in shame::

::but also grinning in a sort of smart-alecky way::

::because you can't see me grinning with my head hanging down like that::
OK, I missed the one about the naked clown ... can we have that discussion again?!
Sick, but fun to hang out with?
I didn't!
What? C'mon, if you're gonna get fucked, shouldn't it be diligently? I'd think you'd be glad that weirdos all over the net are discovering you take proper pride in work well done.

Sick, indeed. Only if I'm not driving.

(Which, funnily enough, actually happens to be true, as I alluded to in yesterday's comments. [g] It's why I wouldn't ever take the 'train' to Vancouver...)
Yup, congrats!! You officially have the weirdest people on the net finding you. hehe
Being diligently fucked is the only way to go.
Yeah...I used to watch Big Comfy Couch with my kids. *shudders* NOBODY wants to see Lunette naked. Nobody. lol
Stars in Wisconsin? I though everyone in Wisconsin was stars. Is stars. Are stars. (Do you walk to school, or carry your lunch?)
err....uhn....that should be "I THOUGHTTTT". I did that on purpose to see if I was paying attention. YOU were paying.....long day, leave me alone.
What? No "ayumi hamasaki nude"?
Call them all sick if you want but the fact remains that they FOUND YOUR BLOG with those keywords! Who's the sicki NOW?

You must be so proud!
Nobody searched for assbeagle???
What is the world coming to?
And that would be why this is the Greatest Knitting Blog Ever.
OK, OK, I admit, that was me. I found you while looking for Lunette.
You know, I keep getting hits on my blog for "dominate my husband," which boggles my mind.
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