Monday, November 05, 2007


The Whole Story of The Wheel

I've been jonesing for another wheel for a while. Don't know why, my traddie is fine ... but you will note that I named Lily and didn't name the Ashford.

It's a nice wheel, a good wheel. It does what it's supposed to do, and I got it from a fellow guild member for $75. These puppies are about $530 new so I totally made out like a bandit. She was moving from a big house to an apartment and had three wheels. She hadn't used this one in ages (there was a lot of dust on it) and was delighted to give it to a new spinner and a fellow guild member so that the spinnage could move forward.

I loved it. I still do. There were a few small repairs to be made and I bought a repair kit for about $19 and fixed it all up fancy-like.

But I never named it. It's just "the traddie" or "the Ashford".

It's ten times the wheel that Lily will ever be. Lily is a total bitch and badly balanced. I actually pulled a groin muscle spinning on her until 3am one day and could hardly walk or drive for a week. She's going to visit my woodworker shortly and either get one side shaved down or the other side drilled out and have weight inserted. I refuse to have a wheel that badly balanced in my house any more, but she's so pretty it's a sin to just let her sit, not spinning.

But Lily has a personality and a name. The traddie, not so much. It's a tool. I guess I needed another wheel worthy of a name.

So I looked on Craigslist and they had this wheel listed, "Saxony wheel, flyer, bobbin and drive band missing, $25". I didn't bite. And then last night I saw the same ad but they wanted $12. I couldn't quite believe it. I wrote and said "OK, the title says $12 and the text says $25. Do you still have it, and if so how much do you want?"

They still had it. They wanted $12. I thought "ok if the Mother is missing there's no point but if it's just the flyer ..."

And so I went and saw her and it was just the flyer. And I gave them the $12. And she came home with me.

Her name is Virginia.

Welcome home, Ginny!
I get the name thing..we have an ashford traditional. Kent named it Delores after some famous sheep :P
Pictures!!! I need pictures!!! Twelve dollars??? I need pictures!!!

...I'm a little dizzy. I think I need to sit down for a second.
I read the post a little to quickly and thought for a second that you named the wheel "Vagina". I was like.. great.. leave it to Rabbitch to name a wheel "the Saxony Vagina". But.. Um.. I see that I was mistaken and need to pay better attention, eh?
(ps. My verification word is "pussmonium")
Ah well, it has a name, now it's home.

But my verification word is only "oxsaww".
I am entirely entertained that someone, quite understandably, thought you might name your wheel Vagina ;) You, my friend, made out like a bandit on this one. Congrats!
(My verification word is the entirely inscrutable sctqfzjn. Is that Scots for anything?)
What a great name for a wheel, I may be biased since it's my name, too.

I don't want to talk about all those little fuckheads in elementary school that called me "Vagina" cuz, ya know, that's really funny when you're 9 years old. Wow, guess I'm still a bit bitter about that.
Y'know, I just keep thinking of the Virgin Queen, and wondering what that poor, innocent wheel is going to learn in your house... [vbg]

Yep, they gotta have personality. Hi, Virginia! You're gonna have fun at the bunny house.
I've got a traditional that I learned on 25 years ago and it still does not have a name. Most of my other 5 or 6 wheels do.

Funny though, she does have a gender.

Good luck with your new wheel. Have you found someone to help you with the flyer?
If you've named it, and you repair it, it's yours for life.
Soooooo, whatcha gonna do with the Ashford? She says in a wee tiny wheel lusting voice.
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