Tuesday, November 13, 2007


Tell It To The Merinos!

Apparently I'm a dyeing machine tonight. There are something like seven skeins in the dyepot as we type.

Five skeins of merino sock, one of rideau arcott/jacob/alpaca sock and a skein of DK that just wouldn't let me say no. I think the DK is merino/alpaca.

Blues and greens. I had been asked for some pinks, recently, but apparently the grilled cheese sandwich had other ideas.

I have one strangely-dyed hand (fortunately they're used to this at work) and I'm hoping to have those skeins plus the other pile of stuff I've dyed recently in the store soon.

There will also be four skeins of burly wool, exactly right for those of you who (like me) are living in denial and haven't started the Christmas Knitting yet. One skein will make a scarf -- something like 3.5 st/in. Each skein is being sold as 140 yards but they're well over 150 I do believe. There's nothing stupider than running out of wool three stitches before the end of a project, especially if it's hand-dyed that you can't get any more of, so I like to underestimate yardage.

However, in the category of Wool I Have Dyed That Is Actually For Sale Right now, if any of y'all have a hankering for some Rabbitworks Studios "Toe Jam" sock yarn, hustle your bustles over to Michelle's Store toot de sweet, and get your very own limited edition 70% merino/30% nylon sock yarn in colours that won't be showing up anywhere else any time soon.

I worked really hard on those and for the first time ever I had a little trouble shipping a few of them out. I don't usually lust after my own yarn -- I'm a process knitter and also seemingly a process dyer. It's done, it's lovely, it can go live with someone else. There were, however, two or three skeins that I had a lot of difficulty packing and sending. "Anthem", in particular, made me tear up when I sealed the box.

I'll miss it; I hope whoever gets it loves it as much as I do.

And now for a quick "cute kid" update.

This past weekend was Novemberance Day (Veteran's Day in the US) and as my daughter is a Brownie she had to go march in a parade. My husband is a military veteran, so he was proud to march along with her.

Apparently during the march there was one young man, somewhere between the ages of six and eight, who did not understand the solemnity of the occasion and was lurching along in the parade muttering "brainssss".

My husband said that it was worth putting up with Mistress PissyPants all day (apparently she was unhappy about a fairly long list of things) just for that moment.

I almost wish I'd been there, but being a selfish cow I was out knitting with the boys instead. It was my last day "off" from work until xmas day, so I thought I'd be a little self-indulgent.

I hope all of the dead people will forgive me. If not, oh well, I just won't knit them any scarves.

I'm sure the dead people will forgive you. Knit for the living, I always say. Oh, and thanks for unbalancing the sweater curse poll.

And is it really wrong that I envisioned all these brownies stomping along the street doing the Thriller dance when I read your post?

"anthem" is gorgeous! I can see why you were loathe to let it go!
You don't need to knit the scarves. All they do is catch loose fingers and zombie snot.

I'm glad your coworkers are forgiving about your technicolor hands. Mine would be wondering about me.
I dyed up some sample skeins of this weird stuff I got at the Blue Moon sale and my hands were all red for 4 days.

My new boss looked at me a little weird for the first day or so, and then I finally explained myself.

Apparently it looked like I had bathed my hands in the entrails of some animal. I always like to freak out my new bosses as soon as possible...makes my tenure that much more exciting :)
Dadrat it, you have to post about this the week after the Blue Moon sale. So weakminded loon that I am, I went to look at the Anthem. And the Black Orchid. And--

Well, I promised myself I'd be good now, so I'm sulking. I just wanted you to know that. [g] Serious sulking going on down here in Portland, you understand? Serious.

(But ohmy, is that seriously gorgeous yarn!)
That Embers yarn color is gorgeous.

Would that I could get some.

Sigh. Stupid yarn diet.
:-) you make me laugh.
I broke my yarn diet (well, okay... it was already broken, but I really busted it now) just to buy a skein of your beautiful yarn. I go the plum. If the picture is any indication of how it will look, I know it's going to be gorgeous.

Good luck with the new business stuff. And don't pay any mind to the dead folks. After all, what can they do to you? Cause your yarn to break during skeining? Make the dyes bleed? Cause little knots all through your base yarn?

On second thought, buy some flowers.
My goodness. Those colors are gorgeous! My fingers are itching. Do I need more sock yarn? Who cares?! (BTW, did someone snap up the dragon one?)
A boy after my own heart, er, brain...
Hee hee... BRAINSSSS......
lovely toe jam! I love it when you speak French.
Girl, when you dye, we all win!
As long as it wasn't a *real* zombie. They sneak into the darndest places..
I'm trying to digest the notion that Aphrodite has Toe Jam. I've been of the belief that she farts rose petals and poops vanilla ice cream. I cannot believe she has toe jam.
Of course Aphrodite has toe jam - strawberry, boysenberry, blueberry, apple, grape, rhubarb, and many flavors not known to mere mortals.
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