Monday, November 05, 2007


Captain! We Canna Take Much More!

Captain! There's something in the garrrden! It luiks like another one of those bluddy wheels!

Saxony In The Wild
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Relax, Scotty. It's just a little Saxony wheel. Not even a whole one. Look! The flyer, bobbin and drive band are missing!

But Captain! We have two wheels in the hoose already! We cannae keep giving room tae every wheel that follows you home.

It's just a tiny wheel. Not even a whole one. It won't take up much room at all and if I'm to be giving spinning lessons to all and sundry (random do-gooding moment, go check out her sister's blog if you have a need to find something warm and fuzzy to do) then I'm going to need more than my Ashford Traditional and Lily (aptly named by my husband after the Lilies of the Field -- they do not toil and neither do they spin)

But Captain! Ye cannae afford another wheel! We're living on bread and tatties as it is!

Um, we are living on bread and potatoes because we're Celts and we happen to be all about the carbs. There are pork chops in the freezer and some meat and cheese in the fridge, too. Eggs, even. Since we started working every weekend and not driving the car, our financial situation has improved markedly. We could even have steak if we felt like it (and did recently, to celebrate Mr. Assmuppet's birthday)

And besides, the wheel came from Craigslist and only cost me $12. Less than the price of a decent six-pack of beer.

Saxony At The Door
Originally uploaded by Rabbitch

Captain! It's at the door!

Then let the wee fucker in and let's post about it. Maybe someone will know where I can get a Saxony bobbin and flyer array for cheap like borscht.

Aye Captain, but it's on your head if they start referring to this place as The Wheel House.

Shut up and pass me another beer, Scotty. You're starting to piss me off.

I Scotty a cheez sammedge?
Oh, how I laughed... 'specially about "Lilies of the fields"
and a fine wee wheel tis. Shame you canna replicate parts.
$12? Holy shite! Hell's bells, you should be able to find someone to make you a flyer and bobbins - or tell you if some brand's standard parts will fit. Even paying regular price, you'll still make out like a bandit. 'Tis indeed a sonsy wheel, and wouldn't it be a sign, now, if you could be givin' lessons and spinnin' and selling full time, and deducting it frae the taxes next year?

(Drat. I can always do Irish better than Scots, even in writing. Whatever - Slainte!)
aye, and donna forget the dilithium crystals!!!!

WHAT A STEAL!! $12 --you lucky rabbit you!!
I totally snorted my tea when you called your husband "Mr. Assmuppet".. and the wheel is cute.. definitely a keeper.
You pay more than $12 for a six pack of beer???
what jenifleur said. what KIND of beer?
Don't listen to them about the beer. Beer is worth spending good money on. Single-malt scotch is even more worth it (because you're distilling all the best bits from the beer, right?). The wheel is awesome, dude -- totally gnarly! (Look, my Celtic heritage stops at untannable skin and a love of fog and shepherd's pie -- my accent is pure California.)
Yeah, same question, Cap'n. What kind o' beer you be drinkin' thar?? (what is that I am doing, and Irish pirate or something?? jeez)
Oooh, very pretty. Congratulations on the new addition.
And holy moses, $12 for a 6-pack? I mean, even the REALLY good stuff here is $9, tops. Unless it's Chimay. mmmmm, Chimay.
I love it! Love. It. You crack me up!
Yar Wheel is Beautiful!! I am so jealous!

Teaching spinning! What a fantastic idea!

I wish I lived closer than 3,000 or so, mile away from yer. As I have a spindle that's never been used cuz I'm afeared....

but it don't make no never mind because I'm still a spinster according to the dictionary!

charlizeen at YaHHHHHHHHHHHHoo
What's a tattie?
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