Thursday, November 22, 2007


Performance Art Is Not Dead

Yesterday the reader board said "Dollar Giant Hiring, Apply Within".

Today it says "Anal with Dog".

This brings me joy. And also reminds me that if I ever work for some place that's hiring that we shouldn't put an easily-accessible sign near a bus stop where high school kids hang out.

Anagrams FTW!
LOLOLOL! Yep, gotta watch those reader boards. You never know when something priceless may come up.

Hang in there with the monkeys and weasels and all, and hope you don't get too flat. ::hugs::
I saw "performance art" and really hoped it was going to be something else. Of course, I wasn't sure where you'd have found the time to get that much glue, but I was hopeful.
Ha! One of my summer jobs way back when was working at a small-town driving range / trampoline center (this was in the days before people discovered suing) / go-cart track that happened to be near a drive-in theater (remember those?) It was an annual end-of-summer event to rearrange the letters on the theater's sign on the highway. Good times!
That's hilarious!

I remember seeing a road sign once. It said; Our boss told us to change the stupid sign so we did.
This is an important fact to file away for the day when you are running a fiber empire of your own and are hiring -- either that, or so you know where to go for some fun if you're ever bored and want to play with letters.
my usually very proper mother once nudged me and pointed, as we drove past, to a portrait photographer's rearranged sign touting the wide range of picture choices the soon-to-be-grads had:


my younger brother and sister never did know why mom and i were howling so!

here indy, a large insurance company posts employee-submitted witicisms, a new one each week. those signs are high enough up not to be punked easily . . . and may be under camera surveillance.

ellen in indy
LOL! Kids never fail to crack me up. Too funny =)
Sweet. Also, I have Paypal now, if you haven't sent your check already and that's easier.

Whatever floats your boat, dahling.
Hysterical! One of my friends switched a sign to say cock sucking free. Of course, I can't for the life of me remember what it said before.
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