Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Just Sleeping

Or not.

Whenever my husband sees an animal spread over a rather larger amount of road than that animal had originally been constructed to cover, he informs me that whatever it is is "just sleeping".

I'm sort of feeling a little like that at the moment, despite any actual experience of this "sleeping" thing that I have heard people speak of.

Work is getting ... interesting. The kind of interesting that people wish you (you know, "may you live in interesting times") when what they really mean is that they hope you wake up to find that you have a rabid weasel growing out of the back of your neck.

I'm pretty sure I have one -- or perhaps it's just a monkey on my back -- however it's not something that the wise discuss at length in public before they have an alternate income-generating source.

Hopefully there will be news on that front shortly.

Until I have the time and energy to write something more entertaining, why don't you pop over to my friend's blog and participate in his wee contest. It's going on for another week and it looks like the judges (of which yours truly is one) are beginning to lose their minds.

Stay tuned for more whining updates, as they occur.

I once had a rabid monkey pop out the back of my neck, but instead of terrifying me, as it would most, I found it endearing.

My husband beat it to death with a hammer, unfortunately. Bastard.
Monkeys and weasels and Rabbitch, oh my! I hope that the interesting times become something more along the lines of "pleasant" soon. Meanwhile, I hear that bourbon is good for what ails ya!
So that's what the woman meant when she wished me interesting times. I thought she was trying to lift me from my dull routine. Explains the look in her eye.

Best of luck on the alternate source of income!
If I send you a pair of hand-knitted socks (or the objet d' knit of your choice) will you pick my entry in Franklin's contest? Pleeeeease?
"Losing"? that suggests one has a mind to lose, no?
Oh, rabid weasels and necks don't sound at all like a good combination. But they do make for interesting times! (or a neckache -- whichever comes first)
Sounds scary to me.
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