Friday, November 02, 2007


Idiot Savant

Or maybe not so savant.

My order of wool has been received by The Sweet Sheep and will be listed either this weekend or early next week. She says the skeins are beautiful.

I worked hard on this and it reassures me to know that I'm not just a hack.

Oh yes, I know folks have told me that before, but when I see people like Ruth, and the huge amount of stuff she gets done and all the talk of colour wheels and this, that and the other, I feel like a total amateur.

I really do.

I know nothing of colour wheels and intensities and matching this and that and balancing the other. When I dye wool, I mess with colours until my belly feels like I've just eaten a grilled cheese sandwich. When I feel that feeling of "right", then I know it's right, and so that's what I do. It's all totally by instinct. I just listen to my belly. It's an actual physical feeling.

Sometimes it's not even a colour I'd wear or that I like, but my belly tells me when it's right and so I do it. It's sort of the way I write; I have no training in this sort of thing. I just wait for the grilled cheese sandwich feeling.

My husband knows how I do things, I've explained it to him. I asked him today what a colour wheel was and he said that he could explain it to me but he didn't think he should, because it might fuck up what I do.

The boy is smarter than I am now and again. Not often, but now and again.

And so I'm going to go on the way I am, just waiting for the grilled cheese sandwich to tell me I'm doing it right.

I've decided that things at work are so excessively fucked that I have to find something else to do. I'm going to be dyeing up a storm and starting in the new year I'm going to be showing up at some fibre fests as a vendor.

And maybe in the spring I can quit my job.

The grilled cheese sandwich told me I had to.

I know how to use a color wheel...but still do better when I wing it with the dyes! I like to think of myself as an intuitive fiber arteeeest. This makes me feel better.

I need a sandwich that will tell me to quit my job. My panini only talk dirty to me.
The blog ate my comment! It was funny, and witty -- truly a masterwork. Of course, it can never be replicated. But it went something to the effect that I'm glad I'm not the only one who trusts her gut. I love my gut, and I feed it chocolate and margaritas (this might explain something about the size of the gut), and it keeps me from making Bad Plans. I can't wait to see your yarn when it's up! (Must get yarn for Christmas presents...) I'm sorry to hear about the ongoing nature of the excessive fuckedupness at work; your plan sounds excellent. :)
All hail the grilled cheese sandwich! I'd go to that church...
Apparently the Divine Kaffe agrees with you about colour wheels

And I wouldn't dream of disagreeing with him.

(Do you know, the word verification for this comment is "rktog"? That must mean Right Knit Together, right?)
It's when the grilled cheese sandwich and the tomato soup both start talking to me that I know I have to listen....Though I've discovered that the croissants are a bit flaky, and should be taken with a grain of salt. (Or a pat of butter, whatever whizzes your cheese.)

(Why am I suddenly hungry?)
I'm glad you listen to the grilled cheese sandwich Feeling when it comes to the Rightness of Things. I've heard the cheese stands alone... this must be what they were talking about.
The Inner Grilled Cheese Sandwich does not lie. (your yarn IS beautiful)
Listen to the grilled cheese sandwich!
I'm a believer.
My Reuben panini told me to tell you to call for an appointment with the psychiatrist's pastrami on rye, right away.
Actually.... I don't really create from the wheel per se... but it is sometimes interesting to go back and see if there is a pattern to why the yarn turned out to be a grilled cheese sandwich (cheese and tomato with big fresh basil leaves from the organic farm in Pemberton is the best) as opposed to say.. burnt toast. Or a giant brussels sprout boiled grey.
As someone who quit her (full-time, salaried, benefitted) job last July to go back to school full-time - I say when in doubt, go with your gut. Da grill cheez don' lie!

And really, at the end of day - which will you regret more? The things you did or the things you didn't do?
Oh yeah; listen to the sandwich. (And sometimes husbands.) You can really get bogged down in all that technical stuff!
My experience with art school is that you can know all the colour theory in the world, but really, when it comes down to it, colour is intuitive.
Obey the sandwich !

This has to be a new advertisement line:

When the grilled cheese sandwich talks, PEOPLE LISTEN.

I will now not be able to get through tomorrow without a grilled cheese and tomato soup.
I believe I may have told you, too. But then I told you to stab people. I may be more dangerous than your sammich.
I love grilled cheese! Definitely listen to it! Imagine how much better your life will be. I hope it happens soon.


charlizeen at yahoooooooooo
I must try this divination system. I feel the need to know if you use whole wheat or white.
Is it unhelpful to say that sometimes there's a Reason for fucked-up-ed-ness at work ... and maybe in this case the Divine GC sandwich is realigning your universe so you can quit that job and do what you want? Isn't it Robert Frost who talks about "uniting my vocation and avocation as two eyes make one in sight" ? That sounds good to me.
I think someone has probably already said it, but honey, if Kaffe hates the colorwheel, why should it hold you back?

I like what you're doing.
the Church of Grilled Cheese, am lovin' it!!

Put me in chorus and all hail the Cheese...been waiting for you to contemplate giving the workplace whack jobs the heave-ho. go girl...
Go for it. Seriously. I'm aiming to do something similar pretty soon too, because I'm getting the dodgy shellfish feeling when I'm at work, but when I'm doing my creative thing, it's definitely a grilled cheese sandwich. On white, maybe with ham and a little onion. Or pineapple.
Good lawd there were a lot of sandwich puns and comments in here. Good luck with the dyeing - and PWEEEEZE do a colorway called Grilled Cheese.
Huzzah to you! Both for the grilled cheese (perhaps with a tomato?) and for the courage to think about changing vocations.
YES!!!! i just realized that i'm doing my thesis type thing on the grilled cheese feeling!! i haven't read a better description of it, this physical sensation of rightness in the body, like, EVER! pure genius!!! there was a psychologist in the 70's who taught people how to do this - to find their grilled cheese feeling. and use it to guide their lives. but he didn't describe it so well! thanks for the inspiration - its very cool to know that others work this way. i think the decision to honor it by side stepping the colour theory quicksand pit is a brave and wise one. you rock, rabbitch. [i don't think of the rabbits liking the grilled cheese, but clearly i just need to open my mind a bit more.]
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