Monday, November 05, 2007


Humour Chez Lapin

There was mention of opera.

I started singing, operatically.

Him: That was vile.

Me: I wish you wouldn't be so curt about it.

And then we fell about laughing like loons.

Anyone who doesn't get it? I'm sorry, but I cannot marry you. Not now or at any future date.

i wish you a lotte luck trying to splain that to those with little-to-no opera knowledge. (and can i lenya a tenor? or has the whole tenor of this post gotten too bass?)

ellen in indy
Oh you cannot marry me? That hits me like a mack truck. where is the knife?
I wouldn't give three cents for this thread...
Ah, well. Such is life. At least I have little bits of pretty alpaca fleece to comfort me...

I got most of it, and I have relatively little opera knowledge.

I hate to be a pest, but how was your journey to see Crazy Aunt Purl? I was going to drive the 8 hours to Minneapolis, but became very ill, and decided to stay home instead.
Not a clue until the comments - but that's ok, I don't wanna get married again. I do wish gigolos were a helluva lot cheaper, though...
Hilarious :). It is absolute bliss to live with someone who is able to appreciate and reciprocate these kind of jokes. Glad to see you are so blessed.

My three cents worth :)
I DID get it (pertickler item of adoration to me, it is) but those other comments? I'm flattered to be in a crowd of such quick-thinking folks! To you all: HUZZAH!
I don't get it. Please splain so we can be married as soon as you off the Mr. and get out of prison.
I got it. But it sounds like you're already married to exactly the right fella. Aaannd...I'm not available anyway.
We must find our way to the next whiskey bar...or we shall die.

I don't know if you saw the Lyric Opera production of THe Rise and Fall of the City of Mahagony, but it was -- IMHO -- brilliant. When Catherine Malfitano walked on the stage and started singing The Alabama Song, you BELIEVED she was a used up old whore. Dog, that was a great night.
The old man never takes kindly to me marrying other people: that's an opera for another day.
Ah, laughing hysterically at jokes no-one else gets. That's marriage in a nutshell (or else insanity)(same thing, natch). :)
All I'm saying is, if it ain't Brecht, don't fix it.
Now that I think better of it, zombies need a bit of procreation too.
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