Wednesday, November 07, 2007


Career Planning

My husband isn't working these days, so he's spending a lot of time taking kids all over the place and so on.

Tuesdays is dollar day at the wave pool and so this week he took Her Surreal Highness and a friend to swim for a couple of hours.

E came up with the idea of riding on daddy's shoulders and pretending to be a celebrity while signing autographs for her friend. I don't know what movie E was the star of, but when it was her friend's turn to be the celebrity, my daughter decided that she was star of "Zombie Horror".

Which is all fine and good, however with her pronunciation it came out as "Zombie Whore".

I'm pretty sure that wasn't one of the options the guidance counsellor offered us in high school ...

That's only because you went to school in Canada. Its right after "hairdresser" on the lists in the states....
I'm not actually sure which is worse...though I'd love to see the business card for a Zombie Whore. "Say, what do you do for a living honey?" "Here's my card..." "AAAAARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHH"

heh heh heh
I hope this isn't too rude to post...

my friend has a very large dog named Axel. Her little kids could never quite get the "x" right. I can't count how many heads I saw turning as the kids were yelling "a**hole" as they chased after him.

Liz in NoWhere PA
Actually, Zombie Whore is a pretty accurate description of me these days.
You know, I've been thinking about switching careers myself.
Gawd. So I'm catching up on yesterday's posts around blogland, and first I have hysterics over Franklin's trip, and then I come over here, and y'know, the thought of Zombie Whores and Dolores--

Huh. Now that I've stopped laughing? That's really, really scary. Although from the sounds of it, if you made a spirited pitch, I'm pretty sure you and HSH could get script-writing jobs while the screenwriters are all on strike!
That's hilarious! I swear moments like that are why I had Girly. Pure entertainment. Expensive and demanding just like movie stars, but occasionally entertaining.
I have found my new calling. Zombie Whore sounds so much more...well, something, than my current career. Move over HSH, here I come!
Hey, if it means no more 15 page research papers, count me in as a zombie whore! hehehe
ewwwwww. Zombies have all these bits falling off, right? EWWWWW
The biz card reads:

"I'll keep my eye out for you!"

(Sorry... too obvious?) ;-)
Maybe not a career option that was presented but it sure would make one popular with the boys, now wouldn't it???
We all know that I hates the zombies something wicked. But that made me chuckle!

As a certified Guidance Counselor (and Zombie Expert) I can tell you that Zombie Whore is not on the list of things we suggested for Career Day.
I definitely would have remembered that if it had been an option on career day. Almost sounds like a porn title.
Quick! Copyright it!
There's big bucks (lunes?) in that title.
Oh, that should be 'loons', right?
Mwahahaha! I love it.
"Don't say that WORD!" heh heh I just finished watching "Shaun of the Dead." God, that is the best movie EVER.
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