Thursday, November 15, 2007


Answers -- And Spinning

There seem to have been many questions of late that I have let go unanswered. I shall now attempt to rectify this situation.

1. "Have You Heard From Your Ex in San Diego?"

Nope, and his email keeps bouncing. I figure if something had happened, someone would let me know -- there's not much else I can do.

2. "When's The Deadline for the Warschloths and Can I Send Other Stuff?"

End of November. The shelters aren't able to accept any opened toiletry items but if anyone's included anything that's still sealed I'll make sure they get passed on.

There will be prizes and I'll start pulling names December 1.

3. "Did You Have A Good Time And Do You Have Photos From Seeing Crazy Aunt Purl in Seattle?"

Yes, I had an excellent time, despite the Amtrak-that-is-not-a-train (still bitter!). I really needed the time away and am going to try to take time for myself more often in the future. (The fact that my next day off from work is Christmas Day in no way lessens my determination to do this.) Laurie is cute as a bug (that is, if you think bugs are cute. If you do not, then replace "bug" with cute thing of your choice) and I really enjoyed having the opportunity to meet with her, however briefly.

As for photos ... uh, no. There's one photo of us together on CAP's Flickr photostream here. Apparently I was too busy eating, drinking, hanging out with lunatics, buying fibre and rubbing my ass on total strangers to get the camera out. (She had also asked people not to take photos but I think when she started yelling "y'all, I know this woman! Someone take a photo!" that that should have been my first clue that it was OK.)

4. "What Do We Have To Do To See Your Handspun?"

Just ask.

Originally uploaded by Rabbitch

Here is the goat (mohair) as it now looks on the bobbin. I apologize for the picture being a little fuzzy but a) I was drunk and b) it's mohair -- it's going to be fuzzy no matter what I do.

I'm almost finished spinning this bag of goat and will have it plied and washed for your viewing pleasure this weekend.

Originally uploaded by Rabbitch

Here's what it looks like against my leathery, wizened hand.

I hope I've answered everything that everyone's asked but I'm well into the "crazy rabbit" mode right now, so if I've missed something just holler.

And now back to work ...

Awww, I'm a lunatic! Awesome! :)
We were fooled by Amtrack on the Seattle-Vancouver route last month. See my blog post on the experience. We saw the ads for Laurie's visit in the bookstore in Seattle, but we were gone by the time she arrived.
The goat is good, and so is the pic of you with Laurie!

And I so know how you feel about that 'train' gyp. I was looking at Amtrak's schedule for Portland-Vancouver a couple years ago, and actually found the buried info that you had to get off the damned train, and take a bus over the border. I still can't believe that! What, there are no tracks that run across the border?

I was most disappointed when you posted that they were still running the same old cheat. Bleargh. (Which is the SFX of what I would likely do if forced to ride the bus.)
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