Thursday, October 25, 2007


A Little Distracted

I've been a little distracted the last few days. You see, San Diego seems to be burning.

Someone I care for (and who happens to be my former husband) lives there and I can't find him.

We stay in sporadic touch. He's a good friend and we parted on good terms. If a divorce can ever be amicable, ours is the one they feature in the textbooks. He even flew up here when I married Ben.

His phone is out of order (I likely have the old number, I'm not good about stuff like that -- he pays his bills so I likely have the one from like four years ago and deleted the new one), his email is bouncing (that one I've got right) and I happen to know he does some emergency response/communications stuff (ham radio) with the military, so there's a chance he's in the middle of it.

He's a good man. He didn't deserve me (I'm a total train-wreck of a spouse) and he certainly doesn't deserve to get burned up in San Diego.

So yes. Distracted and a little concerned.

Send some good thoughts to our friends and family over there, will you?

I'm just going to go fret for a bit now.

Thinking good thoughts and sending good vibes his way...
What Mouse said. Coming from the interior with some pretty wild fire seasons itself (though nothing like what seems to be going on down south!) I have an idea how scary that can yes. Good vibes. On the way. To you, too!
I'm so sorry you haven't found him yet! Is there something I can do? Do you know his address? I'm totally willing to pop over to Carlsbad and knock on his door to see if he's there. Seriously -- scary times call for drastic measures, and I'm happy to do what I can to find him. I could look in the phone book, too, if you want. Please let me know if you'd like me to do any or all of that. It's no fun to be worried...
Fingers crossed. Toes, too.

He survived you, dear, I'm sure he feels that by comparison, a rampaging wildfire is nothing. (;
God, what a nightmare! We here at the Mills house are sending all the good thoughts, vibes, and wishes that we can. Hang in there!
Oh jeez, that's terrible!
Hugs to you. I'd bet he's fine and just out doing what he can to help.
I can't even begin to imagine what you are going through right now. I will most certainly send good thoughts his way...and yours. Hang tough.
Fingers crossed for your friend and everyone else out there. I can't even imagine having someone I know and love in the way. {{{{hugs}}}}
Do you know his ham radio address/handle/whatever they call it? If he's working, another ham radio operator could probably track him down. And I know one (ham radio guy, I mean)....
To quote my mom "no news is good news" so keep the faith...c
good thoughts/wishes/karma to him, and to you. i have a couple of ex-spice and another significant ex-other or two that i care about, so i can relate.

if he's busy helping others, it probably hasn't even occurred to him that you're worried . . .

hang in there!

ellen in indy
fingers crossed and all the good karma I can muster -- I have a former spouse like that too and can only imagine.
Good thoughts, dearheart. All good thoughts.
Hi, you don't know me from a hole in the ground but I saw this and thought it might help you:

You can post here and ask about people you think might be missing. It might be a long shot, but at least it's something.

The parent site

is a very detailed source of news about the fires as well.
Sending good vibes like crazy, south and north. And some extra hugs for you. Plus urging any rain coming our way take a sharp detour southbound!
Hey Rabbitch, I'm sorry your so worried. I do hope he's o.k., and I'm sending good thoughts his way and yours.

And Rabbitch, it takes 2 to tango and it takes two good people to end up with a good divorce and in attendance at the remarriage of a spouse. Please, don't forget that about you. (I do recall things you've posted, but I stand by my words).

((((Hugs)))) I wish I could do more....

charlizeen at yahooooooooo
Oh, one more thing. Although I'm not sure if it's good news. I heard on TV that if the phone line is busy it's likely that the house is gone.... But it sounds like he wouldn't be at his house, anyway, but instead out all day and night fighting the fires.

(((more HUGS)))
I'm sure he'll be ok, his house may not be, which is probably why emails and phones n stuff aren't working right now, the idea of a fellow radio ham giving him a shout may be a good one, but in the meantime I'm sending good vibes over that way anyhow, so I'll add in a few extra. I'll try and send them some of our British weather as well...
I sure you find him fast and hope you'll let us know. All my best thoughts and prayers to you guys...
Fingers crossed and candles lit. Hang in there honey :)
Sending lots of good vibes toward San Diego, and to you too. Crossing everything I can cross!
Hi! Surfed on this way through Jenna's blog (, and I just wanted to send some positive mojo your and his way. Best of luck! As we Quakers say (and do), I'm holding both of you in the light.
Sweetie, I'm pretty sure they've publicized the names of those who were lost in the fire. There haven't been a lot, for which I publicly thank every deity I've ever heard of. He's probably wowing people with his emergency skills and doing brave heroic things, and I will think good, positive, safe, heroic wishes in his direction. Love you, and hang in there, he'll be okay.
Honey, listen to Pacalaga. (Or at least say her name many, many times. Made me feel better.) I'm sure she's right and he is safe and busy helping others be safe.

Don't worry, he's probably fine. They just started letting some of the evacuees return to their homes yesterday/today so you might hear from him soon.
The fatalities in San Diego County so far have been one firefighter, one couple in their house in either Julian or Ramona, and four or five people, possibly day laborers, living in a transients' camp.

Regarding the possible loss of his house, most of the houses that burned down in San Diego County were in the woods. A total of about 1800 houses have been burned down completely in all the fires (there are roughly 18 million houses in California). A bunch more houses were damaged and they're just now starting to let folks back into the evacuation areas down there today.

If he's likely to be helping out, there was a new mandatory evacuation around Julian today, so it's nothing like over.

I know this isn't very definite information, but I hope it makes you feel a little easier.

Here's a map, with links, from ABC 7 in Los Angeles.
I hope he's okay and you hear from him soon. I'll send rain karma their way. Canada already sent him our biggest water bomber to help out too. I believe some of the MNR fire fighters from our area are down there helping. If that's any consolation.
Definitely sending good thoughts his way and yours!
It's Saturday now and I'm hoping that you've had news of him since you posted, and that it was good news.

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