Saturday, October 06, 2007


Gone Fishin'

Today is my first day off (unless you'd like to count my sick days as "off") in four weeks.

I'm hoping to send the kid out somewhere (right about now I'd just buy her a bus ticket and send her on her way) so that the hubby and I can have some quality drinkin' and eatin' and talkin' and maybe smoochin' time.

No blogging for you, today.

The good news is that I have a lot of time off this month. The bad news is that I won't be able to make rent unless I shill sheep string like mad. And, of course, that means that the good news is that there will be a whole lotta new wool in the store shortly.

Rest assured that I shall return tomorrow, with more washcloths, maybe a picture of the Palindrome scarf and um, stuff.

Have a good day off. I hope you sell lots of sheep string, too! (If DH gets a job anytime soon (sigh) I will celebrate by getting myself some!)
Yay! A day off! Here's to some good drinking and eating and smooching. Days like that just don't come often enough. I can't wait to see the new yarn :)
Have a great day off! Hope the bear has sense enough to stay far far away.
Sheep String! heh-heh! I like that one and will probably steal it. I will feel badly about it. I may even lose some sleep over the whole thing. But, I'll still probably do it...

Enjoy your day off!
Oooh, I think I'd better go check out the store. Just in case. I mean, you posted in the morning...
She shills sheep string by the seashore?

Have a great day off!
Time off is always good, but how you wave yarn in my face when I'm not working? ~snif~
Congrats on the time off (never enough), my sympathies on the rent (been there done that) and I totally get you on the sending the kidlet off for a while. Ours are going to spend a weekend with their grandparents soon, and I can hardly wait!
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