Monday, October 29, 2007



Her Surreal Highness is sick, so guess who's not getting a lot of sleep? (There are two names on this list, both female. No there is no prize for guessing).

I have a couple of things I have to try and get done today, including maybe a nap so I don't get The Dread Lurgy myself (it's just a cold, but we're all about the drama Chez Lapin), however in the meantime I am taking the opportunity to hijack my own blog and bring you a couple of those annoying links to opportunities for do-goodery that I've spared you for the last few weeks.

First up, we have Rebecca, whose wife Jane has leapt into a last-minute challenge to raise $2200 for the fight against breast cancer. She's half-way there -- if you have a spare dollar or two, why not drop by and kick it up a notch?

And then we have, our beloved Norma, who has been diligently raising funds for the Red Scarf Project for a scholarship. I think the goal was $10,000 and it's stalled at $5,440. Not a shabby sum by any means but again here's an opportunity to get rid of your hard-earned dollars that are just lying in piles all over your house (much like they are in our home here, nacherly).

On other do-gooding fronts, the washcloths have been tumbling in and if I have half a chance later today I'll take a few more pictures. Nothing promised, though -- I sort of feel like ten pounds of shit in a five-pound bag. And cranky, too.

Nacherly is the best word I've heard in a long time. I wonder if Norma is up to $5500 yet? Some of her commenters seemed offended at the seeming randomness of that number and chucked a few more dollars in the pot.
Feel better, surreal Highness, and don't get your mama sick. (But you can sneeze on Daddy, that would be okay.)
Bleh, sorry her Highness is sick and I hope that you all feel better soon.
Urgh. Sick is bad. Cranky is bad. Lack of funds lying about in piles is bad. I hope all of those conditions go away soon ;) Maybe if you tell Her Surreal Highness that sickies can't go trick or treating lest they cough on the candy, she'll will herself into instant wellness? Anything for a nap...
Doing "good" helps with the Karma and wards off the sickness. I should do more of the good. I'd save a lot of money on hand sanitizer and antibiotics.

Here's hoping that HSH feels better soon and that no caretakers are taken down in the process!
Airborne! For all parents and teachers and others who come into contact with herds of germs, cooties, plagues and the like. It works. And the gentle fizzing sound is soothing to the frazzled.
Eeechk, onset of the winter creeping crud. Hope HRH gets better soon! Being a sick kid is just miserable. So is being a sick parent (I wouldn't know from experience on that, but I've Heard Stories), so crossing everything you don't catch anything either. And oh no, no sneezing on Daddy - you know how whiny men get when they're sick! ;)
The bear better beware.

(I second the Airborne suggestion. It's worth every penny.)
I hope the dread Lurgy doesn't make an appearance. Of course, you wouldn't have to figure out how to look scary for Halloween if it did.

I hope you get some sleep soon.
That's funny; you don't sound cranky. You sound polished, together, and SO good lookin.

-Jennie, who believes in the power of positive thinking
Ack! Bit lurgified over here too, I'm ignoring it. *cough sniff hack* You and your do-gooding, you swine, I've somehow agreed to knit some winter woolly stuff for the Mission to Seafarers...amongst all the Xmoose knitting no less. Thanks... :-)
I'll bet you caught it from that bear. Hope you get better fast!
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