Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Out of the Mouths ...

No, that doesn't read "Out of the Moths", although the llama is again residing happily in my freezer for its second freezing. It'll be out in a couple of days and I'll do one more thaw/freeze cycle just to make sure the little bastards are really gone. No point in risking the rest of the fibre in the house just for the sake of alacrity.

No, Out of the Mouths of Children and so on.

I worked like stink all weekend. Friday morning I staggered home from work, got the kidlet ready for school and sent her off. A friend picked her up after school on Friday afternoon so that I could get a little sleep, and she didn't come back home until after I'd left for work. Saturday morning at 6 I left Workplace #1 and headed directly to Workplace #2. After my second shift was over I was pretty much bagged. Her Majesty had gone out to a birthday party on Saturday afternoon and I was out cold before she got home. I woke at something like 1am and thought "Hmm, I've had quite a lot of sleep. I really should ... " and then all of a sudden it was 6:15 and my alarm was going off.

I left the house for work again before Her Surreal Highness was awake (no bus service in my neck of the woods that early on a Sunday, so there was some early departure and also some walking involved). By the time I finally got home on Sunday, we hadn't seen each other for two and a half days and we were both feeling the lack.

She was watching TV and I crawled into bed beside her for some quality smooshing and talking time.

We had purchased a light sabre for her at the fair this summer (because who doesn't need a light sabre?) and she picked it up and started sawing at my leg. Fortunately it's sort of just a plastic tube so her efforts to remove my leg were spectacularly unsuccessful.

Me: What are you doing?

Her: Oh, just cutting off your leg.

Me: (laughing hysterically) Hey! You're supposed to be nice to me! I've been working for days and I'm tired.

Her: I am being nice to you.

Me: No you're not! You're cutting off my leg!

Her: It's a different kind of nice.

Perspective. It's all about perspective.

There are some trying days ahead (again). I have to figure out what I'm doing about work and endure meetings with The Forces of Darkness (may just take that light sabre with me), deal with some relationship, family and financial readjustments and sort out some personal business stuff too.

But maybe, every time it feels like someone's trying to chop my legs off, it would do me good to remember ... It's just a different kind of nice.

As long as you've got that kind of nice at home, it's amazing how much of the other stuff you can put up with. I hope you get through the trying days without too much of the other stuff. Apples will grow again.
heh. Maybe one of these days we'll actually be online at the same time to chat again, eh?
...E....I just love her...what a truly wonderful mind she has... she's just trying to keep you in her 'sights'. well...
Good luck and more with the rest of 'that' stuff.
A very Zen notion that - "a different kind of nice". Profound.
May the Force be with you...!
I am convinced that the liberal use of light sabres are the only civilized way to settle arguments.

Hope everything works out! :)
Argghh. You have my full sympathy--this month has hit us hard in several directions, and doesn't look to stop anytime soon. I'm just praying October is better. Or at least no worse.

Hang in there, we'll get through it. Whether we get through it without light-sabering someone is another thing completely.
Rabbitch waxes philosophical---and we love it.
Good luck with the big stuff.
Good luck and I hope the situation improves.
Heh, a different kind of nice. That reminds me of the ol' "the beatings will continue until morale improves" but I don't know why.
Yeah, "A different kind of nice" seems to be kind of a catchphrase for the 21st century, doesn't it...

It's kind of like being hung up on, being lied to, and being chewed out for asking for assistance is "the new Customer Service."
Makes you wonder what's going through their little minds, doesn't it? I think that's what I'll tell my students the next time they gripe about grades.

Good luck with that light sabre -- when you're done, could you send it down here? I'm thinking it might work on Evil Administrative Types, too.
Hmmm, if you lost a leg, you would get to spend some time in bed healing and you wouldn't have to go to work for a while. Also you would get to sue the company that made a light sabre sharp enough to chop of a human leg and marketed it to kids. Win/win! Smart kid.
Awww, she just wanted to be sure you couldn't get away again! Sounds like a handy gadget for work too! If I had to keep your hours, I'd sabre myself to death.
People do have radically different ways of saying, "I care." I should probably keep this sort of thing in mind as I've been a little on the bitter side of late.

Which is why no one will let me own a light sabre.
silly! She just wants to keep you at home, with only one leg who can work?
I might add that to my vocabulary - a different kind of nice. Ranks right up there with my fave kiddie saying "I can't want to".
I love it. Yeah, that ex-friend who's been publicly stabbing me in the back for a week--she's just being a different kind of nice. Perspective is all.
Ahh, the wisdom of children. :)

I've just spent a chuckle-filled ten minutes reading several of your most recent posts. Thanks so much for the laughs, much needed.

Hang in there, life is a trench sometimes.
I was thinking of the leg severing so you could call in sick, too.

Public transit on the North Shore sucks in general. But I am glad that my 3rd born's boss understands that he can't take the 6:00am weekend shifts due to being busless.
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