Saturday, August 04, 2007


You Want Me To Eat WHAT??

Apparently I am so tired that I have forgotten that food only tastes good if there is extra fat in it.

I seemingly went to the grocery store and lugged back about 40 lbs worth of fruit and veggies and cheese (anyone wanna see my biceps? They're getting sort of frightening), only to discover when I got home that I had bought light cheese.


Is that even legal? Certainly shouldn't be.

I am just about done with this vile stretch of double shifts, overtime, just plain old regular shifts and so on. I have Sunday and Monday off. You can bet that tomorrow I shall be tromping back to the store, faux cheese in hand, and demanding that they give me real food.

And then I'm going to buy beer on the way home and get hosed and dye wool in the middle of the day (for shame!).

I know, I know, but I've lived too long to die young, so I'm not all that concerned.

And at least when I go I'll have a mouth full of real cheese. And possibly bacon. And a beer.

Here, here! Life's too d*mn short to eat fake cheese.

Mmm....cheesy bacon beer.
Oh gawd - I don't think there's a thing real cheese and bacon can't cure. Can't speak for beer; don't drink it much - is it okay if I have coffee?
Yep, 'light' cheese is ass.
Your post reminds me of similarly ill-fated shopping trips I have made: one where I accidentally bought low-carb pasta and one where I ended up with sugar-free cake.

What is up with these food-selling people?

(p.s. I've been a lurker on your blog for a while, but I really like it. Keep up the good work!)
Ick, those food chemists, or whatever they are, should just leave well enough alone. There are some things that are sacred!
Light cheese tastes like those processed squares of slimy plastic they call cheese slices.

A nice slice of good bread with melted (real) cheese and bacon on top and a nice cold one. The perfect dinner. Kill the heart and the liver, but die happy.
Fake cheese - eewwwww!
Perhaps it was a subconscious mistake - assuming that "light cheese" would be easier to lug home...
Have fun dyeing!
There is one good use for faux cheese: melt it and use it for spackle. Be sure to get the color coordinated one or you'll have a funny orange spot on your wall.
The only thing worse is that "fat free" block of rubber that poses as cheese! Come to my house, we have plenty of varieties of the good stuff!
No, honey; the bacon goes in the dyepot, remember?

I once bought 75% *reduced* fat cheese by mistake. The 25% reduced is... ok. When I brought back the 75% reduced, I said, "This cheese is..." and the manager said, "nasty, isn't it?" Yes. It was. Awful.

(light Havarti is quite nice, though)
We're better off eating the fat than the chemicals it takes to make something taste like something it's not! If I want chemicals in my body dammit, I have a smoke. Ans as with truth in advertising, diet labels should read:No fat, no carbs, no salt, no sugar, no taste.
I find that *reduced fat* cheese tastes just fine. *Fat free* cheese tastes like total crap. Big difference between the two.

Hmm, now I've got a hankering for a bit of cheese...
A short life and a merry one - who the hell wants a life with no enjoyment? Eedjits. Screw it, so we die early, at least we'll be eating food that tastes good, not magazine food!

Now I have to buy some Tillamook extra sharp cheddar, Food of the Gods, this month. Will I feel guilty? Hell no. Meanwhile, I feel an urgent need for a bacon and tomato sandwich. Enjoy the real cheese! Just watch those biceps. ;)

(Ok, if this sucker posts twice, blame Blogger, 'kay? Or my AIM today. Thxbai.)
Light cheese needs to go to the same place as light sour cream, light mayo and all margarine. Right to hell.

As an old prof of mine said "If you get to be old enough, you're going to die of one of two things. Relatively quickly of heart disease, or relatively slowly of cancer. Me, I'll pick heart disease"

I pick heart disease, too.

Here's to Rabbitch, bacon, cheese and beer! (hoist)
The other day I saw an Irish cheddar that had veins of Guinness running through it. Think of what a perfect food this would have been if it had some bacon bits in it also.
The word "light" should never precede the words "cheese", "beer", or "sour cream".
I'm with you -- if you're going to eat cheese, eat the REAL stuff. And whole milk yogurt with the fat creamy part on top is just pure heaven.

My arteries don't thank me, but my stomach does. And it's a proven fact that without calories, you die.
wow, light cheese, what WERE you thinking? I don't know whether Canadian cheese is any better than the excuse for cheese they have in the country south of you (actually, hang on, we get Canadian cheddar here, and it's ok, so your cheese scene must be somewhat better) but light cheese, well, there's just no reason to go there...
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