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Things That Make Me Happy

1. The little green house that I go past on the bus on the way to work every day.
2. There are now only 390 people ahead of me on the Ravelry invite list (because I need more things to do).
3. I have had no further nocturnal raccoon visits.
4. I have purchased no yarn or fibre that is not being dyed and re-sold, gifted, or made into something and then gifted (apart from two birthday skeins) since December. Although this has made no appreciable difference to the size of my stash (and neither did the huge yarn and material giveaway earlier this year), I may now go and shop at Gaile's destashing without a twinge of conscience. (yes, i have one. shut up.)
5. I have so far received 18 washcloths for WISH, and I haven't even gone to check the PO box in a week.
6. I have received a wholesale order for my yarnz. Soon I shall take over the world. (no details will be forthcoming until the stock has arrived, been dyed, shipped, and is listed in its new home. yes, i know i am a tease, but i don't feel it's appropriate, just in case the recipient hates it all and wants all of her money back or, conversely, loves it all so passionately she can't bear to sell it. either could happen -- it's a crap shoot.)

Things That Make Me Very Annoyed

1. Apparently, in La Belle Province of Quebec, when a woman gets married, she is not permitted to take the same last name as her husband, even if she wishes to do so. She cannot even do it through a legal name change. A 1981 provincial law forbids it. According to some total assbeagle of a family-law professor at the University of Montreal, this was a major symbolic victory for the feminist movement. (um, isn't feminism about having the option of making your own choice when it comes to matters such as this?) I believe he's now lobbying to have leg-shaving made illegal.
2. We have many casuals at work. Some of them are whining about not getting any hours. I would like tomorrow night off. Not one of them is available -- apparently the hours they want to get are not the hours that I do not wish to come in to work. Therefore I shall continue to work double shifts. And, apparently, whine.
3. There may well be further disruptions at work shortly. If these come to pass there will quite possibly be a problem with my scheduled vacations. If management tries to cancel said vacation times, I intend to resign. By phone. From the airport. An hour before my shift starts. (this last is likely nothing more than bravado, but resign I shall indeed)
4. It is cold and damp here and I have not had my furnace fixed yet.
5. Apparently it is illegal to kill editors, which is a dreadful pity, as the phrase "... and tried not to hear the receptionist pick up the phone as soon as she was out of earshot" inserted into a book I am reading, almost gave me an aneurysm. Um, if you're out of earshot, how can you be trying not to hear something you can't hear? arrrrggghhh. (this may, in fact, cause me to talk like a pirate for the rest of the day)
6. We got mixed up as to when garrrrrbage day was this week and missed it. The garbage people were on strike for the two or three weeks before that. Guess how much garbage I have?


OK, I'm going to quit while I'm ahead, otherwise I'll be answering the phone like that all night. This would, of course, render the whole resignation thingie moot, but I'd rather choose my own timing on that one.

You never know. The person on the other end of the phone line could just be a fellow Pastafarian. They may find it comforting.

And isn't your religious lifestyle choice protected up there? After all, they let that Sikh kid wear his dagger to school.
I read a novel recently, a very successful and highly regarded novel, which described someone as 'a young man with brown hair in a tightly waisted suit'. I still waken up at 3 in the morning because of that.
You should google for the latest batch of Bulwer-Lytton award winners. I think that's the name; the award given to the most nasty-ass first sentence of a book. Imaginary, but still funny.

And now, me hearty, I'ma gonna raise the mainsail on me sloop and go trawl fer some sailor's blood just as soon as the coast guard is out of me earshot.
That's why we got married in Vermont. My name is legally the same as his, though on all school communications, they use my maiden name, and in medical venues, I also am required to use my maiden name. Which completely confuses the hell out of me, because they call me Mrs. Dalton. Mrs. Dalton was my mother before she divorced and my grandmother was also Mrs. Dalton. I am NOT Mrs. Dalton. Nor am I Mrs. Ex's Last Name Which Is My Daughter's Last Name...fer fucksake.

Idiots. If I don't have a choice, honey, that ain't feminism.

On the other hand, I can walk down the street with no shirt on.
Put all your gaaaarrrrrbage in those Uber Canadian Laundry Haulers (tm) that you have.... :)

Oh..and screw work. Let's all go back to the barter system.
Yeah I saw that one on t.v. last night. Stupid feminist move if you ask me. If you take away choices you are no better than an oppressor.

Sorry, you had good stuff on there, but that one made me see red too.
You're going to give them a whole hour's notice? Sheesh, you're losing your touch for the mean. You should call in and quit when you're five minutes late.
And that last name thing? Bullshit. That's all I can say, because I'm still sputtering with indignation. It just goes to show that not ALL the fucking morons are in the US.
I love you. Please come visit today. :)
I'm 453 in line at Ravelry.

And while I was born in Quebec, I live in, and was married in Ontario. I have a birth certificate, as well as an official change of name certificate, which was required for me to take Husband's name. Idiots.
I agree totally. Assbeagle. How is forbidding you from taking a new name any more "feminist" than mandating you must? Spoken as one who decided to take her husband's name but did consider not doing so, as I have no siblings to carry it on. DH and I also considered both changing our names to something new. Would it still be legal to do that? Probably not, because If It Makes Sense, It's Not Allowed (tm)

And I agree, don't call from the airport, call from the plane after it's taken off, or from the beach as you wait for Carlos the cabana boy to bring you a fruity umbrella drink. " I won't be in today. No, not tomorrow either. When will I be back? How about the twelfth of never? Does never work for you? Well, ta, must go now. It's time for Carlos to give me my coconut oil massage."
Yeah, there are a lot of bureaucratic assbeagles out there. I deal with them every day. I toss them a manual of updates to keep them at bay while I snag the loot.

Isn't it lovely to have a landmark to look forward to on the way to work?

Congratulations on the wholesale order! Whoo hoo! Hope it pays well enough to get part of the car fixed.
1. About as idiotic as an acquaintance introducing you with a hyphenated name right after you got married. I sorta boggled at her. Believe me, "Monica H***k-S***r" just does not roll trippingly off the tongue. (Even with letters instead of asterisks.) It sounded like some newly-discovered disease.

Gimme equal damned pay, schmuck, and let me worry about my name, ok?

3. And when you're calling from that beach, make sure you reverse the charges. Hey, they'll be happy to pay LD, won't they? They'll wanna know you're not going to be there...right?

4. Hmm. Maybe if you notify them you'll start burning any extraneous wooden trim in a hibachi in the kitchen for heat? Or surely there's some section of flooring, etc., that needs to be replaced; you'd just be helpfully giving 'em a head start on the repairs...

But congrats on the wholesale order!
Well, I'm sincerely glad that I married my Quebec-born husband in B.C.!

Bad writing makes me develop a twitch, too!
OH! Don't forget to throw the baby out the window a cracker, mmmmm kay?
Can't believe you didn't know this about the names. Quebec's always been good at this kind of ass-buggery.

When I lived there in the '70's, I had a government-issued permission slip to attend an English school.
Congrats on the wholesale order. Hopefully you'll have to quit the job anyway to be a full time self employed pirate! And media critic, there's enough material out there to annoy many folks for eons!
Hurray on the happy things, especially the non-appearance of dream raccoons ('cause that was one of those "Things that Make You Go WTF??").

Arrrrrrrrghhhhhhhhh on the others. Avast matey - let's keelhaul all those landlubbers!

Or somethin...
Ah yes, the casual workers who won't work. I am very familiar with them from a manager's position. They drove me nuts too. I had one try to tell me she could work, but not with such and so pharmacist. Pharmacists are VERY hard to find for relief shifts. I told her she could work the shift or not get any more shifts ever. Suddenly it was okay...argh...Quit. In an email. and go on vacation. Ha!
I wonder, can my husband officially changes his name to mine if he so wishes, or is this illegal too in Quebec?
I didn't change my name when I got married because there was too much paperwork.
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