Friday, August 24, 2007


Stumble You Might Fall

Fall? Well, you might, but I'm not going to.

Stumble, however; that's another matter entirely. There's been some stumblin' going on around here, all rightie.

For reasons too numerous (and too private) to list here, my husband's last day at work will be September 14. This was our decision; the company was disappointed to see him go. I may bitch about him here, but he's a good employee.

However, he's leaving oh, about a week or two before he was due to get benefits. My daughter needs a shitpile of dental work and only half of it is covered by my insurance.

With that looming and no certainty that he will be employed after that date (he will be, but I refuse to spend imaginary money at this point), it looks like all possibility of my attendance at Rhinebeck this year has been flushed down the crapper.

I'm glad it happened this week. I was on the verge of making last-minute panicked running-around-in-circles arrangements (this is usually how I plan trips) and had it happened even two or three weeks later I would have been going on an expensive trip with no certainty that I would be able to pay the rent on my return.

I've told him that I'm bitter, but not a lot. And that I shall exact revenge by going to some local knitter's retreat at the end of October that Mrs. Q told me about and also by going on at least two trips next year. Plus there will be visits to Seattle.

Yeah, I'm milking it for all I can get. And I bought roving from Gaile today to comfort myself.

Oh yes and we're buying a car with his last paycheque. We've got a line on an old Toyta wagon for next to nothing that's being sold by our neighbour. We should be mobile again in about three weeks.

Hey, look on the bright side -- at least I don't have to shell out extra money to get an "express" passport renewal done now, do I?

(yes i know i'm a little pollyanna and it makes me puke too, but you gotta find something good or you'll just scream all day long)

Toyota Wagons rock my socks off.. I love my wagon and I wouldn't trade it for the world..

I've spun another knitten... and also now moved on from the marino to something called corriedale in a turquoise colour. I think it's from a sheep. I hope. It feels easier to spin, but that might just be the second bottle of wine i opened up..
Wah! Let me say that again--wah!

Of course my own attendance was iffy (due to work and such) but a daytrip was apossibility if there was a meet-up on the other end.

Now, I'm not sure I can muster the effort for a 4 hour drive (each way, uphill, through blinding blizzards)
Dang that sucks. On the other hand if he was miserable in the job then once he finds new employment everyone will be happier.

Earlier this year I abruptly left a job that I HATED at a company that was slowly sucking the soul from every employee. I took a significant pay cut, but we are getting by and the work environment is great.
That bites BIG ass. I'm sorry.
I probably need a pile of dental work too, and I know my DH does (I should probably stop punching him in the mouth) but since we're both too chicken to actually GO to the dentist, it's all moot anyway.
I feel for you about the dental work bill. I'm self-employed and as such have no benefits at all. And trust me, the "express" ain't really. Just get a normal-time passport now, since you know you will be wanting it eventually anyway.
Well, good on the car, hallelujah, but blast on Rhinebeck. (There's an Oregon Flock & Fiber Festival Sept. 23-24 abt. 15 mins. south of Portland which will have all sorts of Good Stuff at it. Like one of the prizes in the raffle is 2 black ewes.) Fellow-feeling sympathies on dental work, ouch literally and ouch money! That stuff's so expensive it's unreal - I know, Medicare doesn't cover it. (The OFF&F timing would give you longer to renew your passport.) But at least you'll be friggin' mobile! (It's not that long a drive down to OR, and I'm sure we have people down here, unlike me, who have a spare bedroom available for OFF&F, and if you brought someone along to share gas money...did I mention there'll be lots and lots of yarn as well as fiber? [g])
Crap! I hope I wasn't contagious. Trading in the bleach for milk sounds like a good trade to me!
well, that sucks. you're taking it well.
Goddammit, that ain't fair. I, for one, am going to whine copiously that you are not there.

I'm sorry, honey.
Oh rats (I really mean oh shit), now who am I going to get into trouble with? Maybe I'll save my pennies until Maryland S&W. Think you can come stay with us by then? Home cooked meals, shuttle service, and beer? Think about it, we would love to have you here!
One less person to envy! ;) I can be such a pollyanna too.
Nothing wrong with being a Pollyanna - works for us! Now you can get your passport reneweed and be ready for the next time...

Miserable at work stinks. Hope he finds something a lot better really fast. And congrats on the car! Hurray being mobile!
What is this local knitter's retreat of which you speak? Do tell....
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