Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Row Nine May Bite My Bum

The reversible cable scarf is no more -- may it rest in pieces.

Despite the claim that I can only knit washcloths, I'm a relatively-competent knitter, falling -- by my own estimation -- into the "advanced beginner" or "slightly retarded intermediate" category. I can even produce wearable lace and socks.

Seemingly I cannot, however, follow a relatively simple pattern. Either that or I just hate it so much that I'm subconsciously sabotaging myself.

Anyhow, it is ripped out and a nice, sane, healthy Irish Hiking Scarf is now well under-way.

Jim, if you're still reading this, your scarf will be done in a few days. Unless, of course, I lose the ability to count to eight.

I can only count to 4. I found that out last night. I think I'm at the knitting stage called-I think I'm smarter than I actually am stage. I need to cry in some beer.
I hear ya hun! I get that way ALOT with projects that I'm not really into. I sabotage my efforts! It will be all good! Have a glass of wine and soak in a hot bath, or (if it is as hot there as it is in my neck of the woods), a luke warm.
The wine helps the most. ;-)
Hee - I can mess up seed stitch lately. I guess that means I fail counting to 2? Thus far I have not screwed up stockinette in the round for the Cobblestone OR garter stitch. Though I'm not done yet...
Counting is way harder than it sounds. I have trouble counting to six.
Glad to see I'm not nearly alone! It's not that I can't count, exactly, I just can't be doing anything else at the same time. Which apparently includes knitting. Ooops!
Well I just started my first Irish Hiking Scarf as my first cable project.

And since my ability to count to anything these days is highly suspect, yours should pan out much better than mine.
I discovered long ago that when casting on I cannot count higher than 20. It was such a relief to know that a handful of stitch markers could save so much angst. As for counting pattern stitches? 2x2 rib is as difficult as I go.
I'm counting impaired, too. I can knit lace patterns flat, but the minute I start anything in the round, like socks, I can't count past one.
Well, I can count all the way to 64, but it turns out I shouldn't count that high. Sigh. Rip.
And also, the beautiful sock toes that I was so proud of? Also too wide. 8 inches of husband sock (insert dirty joke here), all gone.
Counting may not be the hardest part - it's REMEMBERING what freakin' number I'm counting on, to, or after that muddles my iddy brain like spagetti. Funny, prior to becoming a knitter, I practically leaped with joy at the mere mention of f-r-o-g. Now, I cringe suspiciously - waiting to see WHICH frog is the topic of discussion. One of the many ways the stick and string have ruined me.
I am totally "slightly retarded intermediate".
Katzen in himmel, I can't count to four. I'm in awe of the eight thing.
Yep, the problem is with counting, period. That's m**th, which doesn't stand for moth, and I need my fingers. My brain, she no operate with numbers, she say, pattern, what pattern? You should see me trying to calculate decreases or increases evenly across a row. I swear, that's quantum physics! (I think. Or one of those m**thy thingummies.)
It's the perfect day for me to read your post and the comments as I cannot count to four as is required to make the Thermal sweater from Knitty, which is all done in a very simple waffle stitch (row 1 and 2 = k2p2, row 3 = k, row 4 = p). How much easier can it get?? However, I keep screwing it up in every which way possible.

Yep, I'm definitely a "slightly retarded intermediate." I love that description!

charlizeen on yahooooooooooo
Yarnagogo's Good Ol' Cable Scarf is nice, too, and maybe even simpler than the Irish.

I also cannot count, apparently, for I am constantly a stitch off. Where did I lose it? Hopefully not in the middle of the cable, 5 rows down, like last time. Keep sharp items away from me...
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