Saturday, August 18, 2007


My Stalker Can Kick Your Stalker's Ass

Oh Lordy, it's all been fun and games Chez Lapin for the last couple of days.

One of my stalkers readers, Loraine, has been here in Vancouver with her family for the last week and we managed to get together on Friday.

We met up at Birkeland Brothers, and I immediately noticed that she was buff. I mean I've been working out, doing curls daily and those thingies you do with weights to build up your triceps and so on, but this lady could kick me across the room. Fortunately she didn't feel like doing so. (And it was a small room, full of wool, so if she had then likely I wouldn't have been harmed. Ooh, maybe I would have landed in the Misti Alpaca or that huge pile of merino ... but I digress.)

She's all Taekwan Do (I've likely spelled that incorrectly) and really, her biceps are impressive. So yes, I have a far tougher stalker than you do and if you get all pissy on me I'm just gonna make her come back and kick your butt. So there.

She's also all fun and games and the two of us managed to buy an impressive amount of fibre while standing there chatting like lunatics (I felt like I'd known her and her husband for years) and pretending not to buy a thing. I've been true to my non-buying deal and bought mostly stuff I was going to dye and resell, and for myself got only one bag of merino/tencel roving in purples and one small bag of merino/cultivated silk/bunnie undyed. That actually marks the second purchase I've made for myself since December. And yet ... no yarn stores seem to be going out of business. In fact the folks at Birkeland laughed when I asked if my fibre diet was causing them angst.

Apparently I'm endearing. And insane. And keep bringing people in to their store to spend hundreds of dollars.

Who knew?

Oh yes, back to the stalker friend.

This lady is serious fun, and she spins and dyes and has managed to keep her wits about her while raising three boys. BOYS. Good god. These boys are like pugs on crack 24/7, I do NOT know how she manages to keep from drinking at breakfast. And one of them spins (at the age of seven) and kept begging his daddy and mommy to buy him a third drop spindle because he had the brown roving on one and the rainbow pencil roving on another and he just HAD to have a third one.

She done good.

And me? I got bunnie to spin.

We're all happy.

Hey, is your stalker Lars' friend too? Because if so, I met her at Rhinebeck and I agree totally.
I kinda got lost up there with the possibility of falling into a huge pile of Misti Alpaca... what were you saying, again?
Yes, you spelled Tae Kwon Do in one of the two acceptable ways, I'm impressed! Tell Carol that I am also Lars' stalker. Had a blast this weekend and will have to do it again somewhere.
Actually, as the mother of 3 boys, it's really not that bad--easier than girls in many ways. The early years can be a bit rougher, as in more farts, wrestling, complete inability to have nice furniture, total obsession with weapons (my boys divied up who got edged weapons vs who got blunt instruments), etc., but the teen years are a bit easier, I think. And boys are mostly very straightforward.
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