Monday, August 06, 2007


Let The Raccoon On The Bus!

Well. I think I needed that.

I went to bed at oh, 6pm yesterday, and was awoken 10-ish by someone telling me something or asking for something or other. I paid little attention to them at that point -- I was pretty much all into me, me, me.

I'm so selfish.

And then I went back to sleep again, only to wake at 5:20 this morning. "Oh hai! It's morning and I should get up and get perky!" thought I, in chipper tones that made me want to slap myself right upside the head. I blinked, briefly, and all of a sudden it was like 8:40. Clearly I was sucked into the time warp.


I feel like a whole new woman (but where would I find one at this time of night?) and vow to try to sleep at least four hours a week from now on. No, really.

During that sleep I had a ~ton~ of dreams. I don't usually remember dreams for long after I wake up, but I remember, very clearly, at one point in my slumbers being on the bus, and a young man was trying to get on the bus. He had a small raccoon in his jacket, and the driver wouldn't let him on the bus. Apparently it was OK to have cats on this particular bus, but no matter how the young man insisted that the raccoon was a cat, the driver wouldn't believe him and wouldn't let him on.

And I woke up so insanely pissed off at the raccoon-hating driver.

If anyone has any idea what this means, I would appreciate your insight.


I'm not a dream analyst.. but I'm going to say that it means that you need to stop drinking. Or maybe you should drink more. Or stop drinking bleach. Or start drinking bleach. Wait.. wait.. you should START drinking bleach WITH raccoons. I hear they love it.. especially the lemony kind.
Prejudice by someone in a position of power/authority is holding back your progress, however lying about the situation will get you nowhere. Let go of the anger and you will find another way.

Well, you asked. I gave it my best shot.
Oh wait. I didn't get that quite right. Try this on for size:

You believe a person in authority or a position of power is "splitting hairs" and going by the letter of the law when the spirit of the law would be more appropriate. Look a little closer. You are rallying around a cause you believe to be just but someone you are backing may be deceiving you.
Do raccoons have some special significance for you?

Marlene seems to have a handle on it.
I like her interpretation. So it's
either that or you're channelling James Nicoll.
I think it's got to do with race relations. Your subconscious protest at the unfairness perpetuated by the white man throughout all strata of society in a world where even white women get more rights than minorities.

Or your feckin' crazy.

Definitely one or the other.
You have a crush on Davy Crockett and you think you missed the bus because i am sure by now he is dead. Sorry lol
Four hours a week is a good goal.

The raccoon symbolizes the rings around your eyes because you are too tired. :P
Perhaps too much sleep?
You were wishing you were back in the eighties when everyone had a mullet and a raccoon tail hanging off their belt loops. Time wasn't letting you go back though. It kept telling you that you had to be this grown up with no sleep and too many twats around you.
I'm glad you finally got some decent sleep.
Cats on the bus!
One way to interpret dreams is to look at each part being some part of your self. The raccoon might be your sneaky side. The boy is your inner child who is enabling the sneaky side. The bus driver could be your adult self who has a job to do and a place to go and will not let your child and sneaky self do what they want. Your dream is allowing you to have a lot of sympathy for a part of yourself that you ignore when you are awake.

It's pretty common for our inner child to be upset at us because we don't let her do what she wants. Usually it comes out as a lack of energy in our daily lives.
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