Tuesday, August 21, 2007


It's Not Fair!

I went to the fair with Missy Moo today.

And then had to rush in to work, so no pictures for you.

Tomorrow is a marginally-sane day, Chez Lapin, and there should be pictures of llamas, possibly of bunnies (I don't know if I took any of those), pictures of a little girl laughing a lot, and quite probably some wool.

For now, back to work.


Yes! I live by the fair.. there are people jumping out from everywhere (usually in front of my station wagon) trying to sell me parking in front of my own home. I may run them over soon, "oops".

Okay. It's late, and I can't sleep so I've been attempting to ply some marino (maybe?) together from my attempted first hand spun adventure. I've been googling for about 15 minutes and was hoping you could advise me: Do i have to do something special to this once i ply it, involving washing and some vinegar and rinsing before i knit it up into a large rectangle?
I'd have to call in sick. A fair and a day at work would do me right in.
Frickin' work.
Doesn't it just suck how work gets in the way of the fun stuff?! I hate that!
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