Wednesday, August 29, 2007


Hurts So Good

No, wait. Not good.

The other thing.

If you are a total assweasel, and if you happen to be the sort of assweasel who has fairly extensive dental work ... and if you are the sort of assweasel who has a crown fall off ...

Do not wait to go to your dentist.

No really, don't.

Holy fuck was that nasty. I had crown fall off several days/weeks/months ago and thought oh well, I'll get it put back on soon. Soon-ish. Sooner or later.

Little did I know that when you don't have that sort of thingie in place, your teeth move.

So I got to the dentist today for my daughter, and the receptionist caught me and basically duct-taped me to a chair until the dentist could put the crown back on.

Jesus Screaming Fornication. It was worse than losing my virginity which, quite frankly, was a fairly nice thing.

But I digress.

I actually had to call in sick to work, which I hardly ever do. I think the lsat time was in like April when I decided that barfing would be a good hobby to take up. But, you know, the screaming PAIN made me think that the tooth manipulation dealie would be way more fun.

I spent an hour (or more) forcing this lump in between teeth that didn't want to move at all, and trying to do so in a manner subtle enough not to break the porcelain.

It's now almost sort of in place and I'm hoping to be able to stomach enough ibuprofen to get to sleep.

I go back in tomorrow at two to have it hauled off again and glued in permanently. Yes, all the tooth-jamming-on deal today was for naught really.

Pray for me.

And hope that I can eat something other than soup some day soon, k?

Lawdy! I am that sort of assweasle! Just that sort! And if you'd taken your vitamins like a good girl, you could have broken though that duct tape & hauled ass outta there ;)That's my plan and I'm sticking to it.
Well, let's just hope you don't wake up feeling like a concussed 'possum. Who is currently curled up at the front of his cage, btw, and baring his teeth at anyone who comes near.

Sweet dreams.
I am with you sister. I had a root canal under my crown, which was on temporarily, so the asshat of a specialist could pull it off, do the root canal, then put it back on. He cracked my crown. I've been walking around with an inflamed gum for 2 weeks. My dentist, god bless him, has taken care of me and I feel much better now.

I hope you graduate to mashed potatoes soon sweetie.
Ugh. Delurking to share your pain. I was at the dentist yesterday to have a cracked filling drilled out and replaced. It was deep, and the freezing didn't take at first.

I'm sure it wasn't as bad as your crown replacement, though. Drugs sound like the best option.
Oh, geez, I know that kind of pain. I truly hope that they give you the good drugs for it, and that everything gets put into place right-quick! May you receive lots of sympathy-presents (since presents are always good!)
I used to get the tooth-moving thing every two weeks when I had braces. The good thing is that after the initial pain, your teeth move around to accommodate the cap (or the spacers, or bands, or whatever) so the gluing part should be less painful. Your jaw will be sore (like it had a workout, cuz it did) but hopefully it won't be gut-wrenching pain this time. Fingers crossed for good drugs anyway.
I've been putting off going to the dentist...I'm not so inspired now to hurry it up! I hope it's at least good soup.
Mmmmm, pain...oh wait. Not the good kind. Sorry.
Oh, morphine the friend of all who are screaming. I hope you get to have lots of it and getting the tooth fixed isn't too bad.
Jesus God, woman, what are you doing blogging? I hope you have excellent drugs. I hate mouth pain.
Get coastal Rabbitch, next time a crown falls off get the pine pitch and stick it back in...the dentist will be amazed, stunned at your ingenuity when you finally get to him, but at least the teeth will not have shifted. Sounds like a bleachy moment
Oh hon I so feel your agony. I never had braces but I'm dealing with ancient fillings that are being replaced one by one and one molar that refuses to behave. May you have relief soon.
Eeeep! Way to give me the screaming meemies. I had braces from 4th-8th grade, and ohmifuckinggawd I remember how awful the pain was! Yeah, morphine! (Me, I'm desperately trying to spread out the nastiness of getting dentures, thanks to Medicare not covering any dental whatsoever, hello, eedjits, WTF's with that?!? I simply cannot face all that pain at once, y'know? I so feel for you!)
Oh, I just had to thank you for making me laugh out loud! That comparison with losing your virginity was just priceless!
Well, I cracked a molar way back in December A YEAR AND A HALF AGO, so I win the prize for stalling...and I just had it extracted this morning.
No pain for me though. They shot me up so thoroughly, my bottom eyelid was numb.
I have pain meds and soup. Sorry you live so far. You know I'd have you over. LOL. XO~
OMG!!! I was never a-feared of the dentist until I shattered a tooth and had to have a root canal and crown put in. The Mean Dentist also dislocated my jaw, but he did that for free during another procedure and still doesn't know that he did it. (I hate him and do not want him touching me again even if it is to fix my jaw)

You have my sympathy, my good thoughts and any other positive vibe I can send. I'd send you the vicodin I got after that appointment...but I ate it. All of it.
We really must be some sort of spiritual sisters. I spent three and a half hours in the chair at the dentist's today. Three teeth prepared for new crowns, as the old ones had been undermined. One of those needs a repeat root canal prior to receiving a permanent cap. Oh- and I had a molar extracted, too, because otherwise the bill for all the crowns that were deemed necessary would have been OVER SIX THOUSAND DOLLARS!!! WTF? We need a new roof. Guess I'll have to deal with a less-than-perfect mouth. Hope you're better. I ate a pint of organic blackberry ice cream. It helped.
Oh, *honey*! Woulda been good to stop by the crack dealer first, I think. Maybe plan better next time.
Teeth -- can't live with 'em can't live without 'em. I was told I have *soft* teeth which I blame on my hybrid Polish/Irish potato-eating ancestry.

Hence the repeated dentistry, the multiple crowns, hence the day I was speeding down the freeway, and swallowed a temporary crown that stuck to the gum I was madly chewing.

As they say, it all came out in the wash...
Owee!! Rabbitch - don't mess with the teeth - those have gotta stay with you for a bit longer, y'hear?

P.S. Hope it's all better now!
I feel your pain, or at least my daughter does. She went today to have a tooth that broke off (and she didn't tell me about it) today.

It didn't get done, she just about passed out, she was so upset and shaking that all he could do was drain the absess and refer us to an Oral surgeon who will have to put her to sleep.

Take it easy.
Owies! How awful!!

I'm having fun there, too. I had an extraction a while ago, and now another molar on the other side is starting to hurt - especially when I shake my head. Whiiiich with the four kids underfoot, I do a lot.

"Can I sit here and eat an entire bowl of sugar with a soup spoon?"

"Noooooooooo" {shake, shake, shake the head}


Hang in there.
In the last two weeks I've had two root canals (one though an existing crown) and a crown prep. Getting dental implants hurt less than this. As nearly as I can tell, nothing about teeth ever gets better on its own and the quicker you get it fixed, the less the cost. However, knowing this has not affected my behavior.
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