Tuesday, August 07, 2007


About The Raccoon

I should say here, that the boy who was trying to get the raccoon on the bus wasn't trying at all to hide the fact that it was a raccoon.

He clearly knew that cats were ok on the bus and he was being all jocular, trying to get the bus driver to play along.

Sort of like when we go "oh look, I'm not buying yarn. Nono, this isn't yarn, it's part of a research project" as we casually swipe our credit cards through the machine, just hoping everyone will agree we're not really buying yarn.

He wasn't trying to really lie about the raccoon, he was just hoping everyone would think it was fine for it to be there, and play along.

And frankly, it was a damned fine raccoon. And it was clear that it knew it shouldn't be on the bus either, but was just hoping it would get a break this time.

Seriously, I either have to start sleeping more or sleeping less. That was a totally fucked-up dream. I'm still pissed at the bus driver.

Oh, I hate dreams like that... Makes you wonder the whole damn day #1) WHY you had a dream about a boy taking a raccoon on the bus, and #2)WHY, (if it's your own frakkin' dream, and you wanted to let the raccoon on the bus) your brain decided that the driver was a tool?

I once had a dream about a cow giving birth to cocker spaniels that were colored like cows...and they were coming out of the cow like a lava flow...hundreds of them...all while the cow was laying on the landing of my staircase in the house I grew up in. (right....I'm leaving now..)
I think you are just tired of the bus! :) Hope you get more sleep soon and dream 'pleasant to remember' dreams rather than 'I must figure it out' dreams! LOL!
I've had dreams where my husband did something particularly boneheaded and I woke up pissed at him, and was snappy at him all day. Heh. He prefers it when I don't remember my dreams either. ;-)
Glad you got sleep. You're so peppy when you're rested! I worry much less that you will off someone. ;-)
I think that in your dreams tonight, you should slap the bus driver upside the head, and insist that the boy and his raccoon be allowed on board.
Sure wish I could offer clues about what your dream means...
Actually, I think it's your brain saying, "Dude; we've got all these backed-up dreams due to the fact that you never get enough REM sleep, so we're packin' in as much weirdo symbolism as we can. Don't try to make sense of it, just get some more damned sleep! The Management."

Yeah, I know, boringly logical and realistic. On the other hand, if you keep going on 4 hours a week, just think of how much fun your dreams will be! Uh. Sorta. [eg]
So when is it out on Netflix?
Apparently according to the dream dictionary people: Raccoon- To dream of a raccoon, denotes you are being deceived by the friendly appearance of enemies. I think this translates to:

"Beware those trying to distract you with items 'on sale' in attempts to keep you from finding the deals on good stash"

(it must!)
The raccoon in a dream obviously means you need to purchase stash from a nearby individual, and that the boy didn't try to hide it very well indicates that the person with too much yarn isn't hiding it anymore. The busdriver clearly represents the collective conscience of those with too much yarn trying to stop you and your friends from buying it. Don't listen to the busdriver! Let the raccoon ride!
I could regale you with the tale of how my then-college-age son took a flying squirrel to New York on a place. Said squirrel was fast asleep in a pouch hung round son's neck and hidden under his shirt.
I think you wanted the raccoon as a source of fiber and you were pissed off at the driver because he was trying to prevent you from getting more fiber.
musta been a bad case o' beer there, rabbitch.

either that, or a lack of sleep.

maybe it means that your next project should be one of those knitted Daniel Boone coonskin caps that was on Knitty years ago.

you should have gotten that driver's badge number.
I love knowing there's a place on the Innernets where I can get dream raccoon updates.
Obviously the "bus" is our technotheocorporatic patriarchy-dominated society, and the "bus driver" is the personification of The Man. The raccoon is an example of creativity, free-will, and Acknowledgement of the Vital Role of Weasel Dancing in Society, and the bus driver wouldn't let them "get anywhere" on the bus.

The boy? Uh, the boy is.. uh. The Foundation of Truth, trying to help all of us by transporting the Raccoon to a better place.

I envy your dreams, all of mine have been ugly, scary, and apocolyptic lately. Ugh. I could use a few raccoons and fewer sharks and bombs.
thank you thank you thank you for this. i really needed some weirdness and laughs today. glad you're getting some sleep!
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