Monday, July 09, 2007


Why On Earth Do People Not Tell Me Things?

Now people, I do not drink nearly as much as I claim to and I think most of you have figured that out, because if I did I'd be dead. Or unemployed.

However I do like me a frosty beverage from time to time. Several. I am by no means a tea-totaller. Mostly because I like coffee better.

I drink beer. My favourite is Widmer's Hefeweisen made by the glorious Widmer Brothers in Portland, Oregon and my regular libation (seeing we can't get Widmer's here) is Okanagan Springs Pale Ale. I will sometimes (about once every month or so) buy a bottle of something red in the wine department to go with dinner. That's about it.

However tonight I decided to have a slurp or three from Ben's bottle of Whisky. Just a little slurp. No more than oh, three or four ounces.


Oy. Did you know that stuff has alcohol in it? Like a whole shitpile of it?

Yeah, me either.

So now it's four ayem, I'm snapped as a chicken's neck and up dyeing wool. I've just dyed something for Mrs. Q to whom I am too lazy (or drunk) to link (I just typed "to whom I am too lazy to knit" oh I slay me) and now I'm heading for the pinks and purples.

Someone take my gloves away before I hurt something.

And thank you so much for the response to the washcloth drive. I suspect, as do many of you, that 100 is a conservative (dare I say silly?) number.

The address to which you should mail them is:

Rabbitch (or Rabbitworks, or my real name if you know it)
#241-718-333 Brooksbank Avenue
North Vancouver, BC
Canada V7J 3V8

That looks like a strange address, but it's my PO box at the UPS store and they refer to the boxes as "suites" so that's how you write it.

And also too I'm not being coy about my name. Most of you know my first name is Janice (although I'm always startled if someone calls me that -- it's not an appropriate name and I may change it at some point) however I don't put my last name on here seeing, you know, I've publicly declared that my manager at work blows goats and so I'd rather not get dinged with the Google thing.

Not that she knows how to use a computer. Or manage. Anything.

And I have it on good authority that she doesn't blow goats. The goats are pickier than that.

Um, I should go and dye more wool now, right?


OK, send washcloths, I'll appreciate it when I sober up. For those who asked for specifics, any size is fine. I knit mine plain garter stitch 8x8" so that's about 40 stitches on a 4.5mm needle -- a 7 US. 7-9" squares are good. Knitted, crocheted, or woven, in cotton (or mostly cotton) fibre. Bernat cotton is good, Peaches N Cream is good too. Really anything. Just not acrylic because that just scratches and doesn't hold water.

OK, really going to dye wool now. Honest.

Um, see you tomrrow.

This is feeling like one of those phone calls ... "you hang up first" "No, you hang up" ... but allegedly nobody is talking to me ...

I usually take great care with whisky and only imbibe infrequently, just for the aforementioned reasons. A nice Hefeweizen, though? Count me in.
I just figured out that washcloths are perfect in-the-movies knitting, so I should be able to come up with a few. Please PLEASE post pictures of your crazy dyed hands??
I wonder if many Janices feel weird about their names. I do. I've always thought I was misnamed. But I'm way too lazy-assed to change it.
You've just given me the best idea! I was SO wanting a drink last night while tackling that lace (yes, I was cursing at it!) but I knew that would be a disaster. And when I went to bed, I dreamed about lace charts all night....But now I have an idea: Whiskey, AFTER the knitting! You are so clever.

Can't wait to see the pretty colours!
Being named Janice never bothered me until the last couple of years when, suddenly, no one can spell it properly. And not the usual "Janis?", "no, my parents were nowhere near cool enough to name me after a rock star (not to mention I was born before she became famous.)" Really weird stuff like "Jenets" and "Jenisse" and "Channis".
I knew we could be BFF. Widmer's Hefeweizen is the best. I promise to bring a case when I finally get my heinie up there.
Did you try Hoegaarden? it is Belgian and I first had it in Toronto and if you like Widmer's Hefeweizen I think you will like Hoegaarden too.
Oh yeah, Hefeweizen; I was introduced to its goodness 2 summers ago when I went to San Diego for work (heh, not much work got done). Love it! Haven't touched the whiskey since I was young and could handle my alcohol (or handle the hangovers).
Snorting out ginger ale here. That was hilarious.

--Another Canuck
I'll muster the troops. No one wants to do baby blankets.

So when I do a warshcloth run I'll bring up a variety seeing as I live not far from the brewery. How 'bout that, missy?
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