Saturday, July 07, 2007


We Have Good News & We Have Bad News, Again

The bad news is that Ben took apart the back of the dryer and it's fairly comprehensively fucked. There are burned out things and burned through things and it's all burny and dead.

The good news is ... well ... Ben took apart the back of the dryer like he'd promised to.

So basically it's bad news and bad news I'm just trying to be all Pollyanna here.

We got this dryer from Craigslist when we moved in here, and it was very old then so it's not like it owes anyone anything, and we can dry our clothes outside seeing it's summer now. It's not a tragedy and it still works on the air dry cycle.

And one day soon when I have a car again I'll get another dryer off of Craigslist. But really. I'm just sick of machinery these days.

But at least I'm not drinking bleach today.

from my perspective, good news is that it's the dryer, not the washer. i just had to replace a 10-y.o. amana -- a minor leak from the bottom, but the clutch was shot and even repeated beating of it by mechanics couldn't free up the necessary parts to let the seal be replaced. well and truly effed, it was. i suspect my son's tendency to stuff everything he owned into the washer is what killed it. the only other repair in 10 yrs was when he overfilled it and a sock got between the drum and the washer wall. grrrr. so glad he lives elsewhere now.

but i didn't even call a repairman until after (a) my son's mechanical genius (no, really) friend couldn't fix it and (b) i had some time off work to deal w/it.

meanwhile, for about 3 months, i schlepped to the laundromat -- clothes and bedding for self, daut and grand who live w/me. couldn't carry the stuff home wet, so i'd partly dry it in the laundromat machines and then finish at home, either in the dryer or draped over the shower bar.

so you have my sympathies, rabbitch. and good luck w/craigslist. also, do you have freecycle? i've seen lots of good stuff come along that way. you can post a request but can't offer or request money for anything on it. when i clear this house out next year, mucho will be freecycled.

hang in there and join b.a. (bleachguzzlers anonymous)!

ellen in indy
I still think that bleach should be a controlled substance in your home...

At least it is the dryer in summer. Could have been so much worse!
I second the freecycle recommendation, if you have access. It's a yahoo group, you sign up by zip code. I got a working dishwasher on freecycle that saved my marriage!!
I second the comment thinking that "at least its not the washer"..
And wish that I had a clothes line upon which to dry my clothes. Not using the dryer will save electricity $$, which you can then use for A/C or fans during the evil hot that August brings...
And kids seem to love hanging things on lines (for at least the first several loads anyway), so perhaps you can get help from unusual places for this adventure?
BleachGuzzlers Anonymous?? Holy Crap Rabbitch.. how did we NOT come up with that??
RIP mr. Dryer.
you make me giggle, Rabbitch. when I was a kid, my parents royally screwed up finances; we had no running water for the rest of the time we lived in our house. Once foreclosure happened and they decided to move to the 'wilds' of a national forest (I'm not kidding), we lived in a tent for several weeks (read 'homeless'), then 'scored big' with a motel room that stank of beer and lord only knows what else, until they could find a house to rent. Once we did have a place to live, the dryer caught fire, because basic maintanence wasn't done (the whole shop-vac out ductwork/inner workings every few years) so I remember bringing in freeze dried jeans/panties/etc. from the line and standing them up next to the woodstove (as we had no furnace) to finish drying. To this day, the smell of woodsmoke makes me gag, though I'm happy not to have to wrestle frozen underpants off the washline. I do hope, for your mental health, that things pick up soon. You never know what sort of things you'll find when you least expect it. Best wishes form someone who has survived the same sorts of b*llsh*t... Cami
I haven't had a dryer in 6 years. Hah, I thought that would be the perfect 'push' you'd need to run out and sell yourself just to get one, seeing as how you marvel at my ability to be reasonable and dashing in the face of such hell.

On the bleach. Okay, it is cheap, but only by a bit compared to, say, cheap liquor and ice. And, it really can't feel or taste good and it you're going to drink yourself to death, there should be some relief at the very least and ecstatic pleasure if at all possible. Hah, me, the poster child for dryers - who knew?

Mercury begins to turn around and fly right on the 9th.....I just can't wait.
Enjoy your happy self hanging the clothes out on the line. Remember, underwear hangs on the line CLOSEST to the house so no one can see it. The world ends if the neighbors see your/hubby's/daughter's scuzzy ripped underwear.

Oh, and have you tried lemon-flavored bleach? Delish, especially with a small sprig of hemlock.

Just call me Suzie Homemaker the Rabbitch Killer...
I used to do the bleach thing but a few months ago I started taking an oyster fork to the eyeball. Not only more dramatic, it's less costly and smelly and burny.

These days, I can get the whole family hopping-to with a simple question: Where's the fork?

I hope things take a tumble for the positive real soon. I mean, don't they about have to?
If things don't calm down soon up there, we're have to refer to you as Rabbleach.
i understand. my dryer died at the end of may, and i've been transporting laundry to my other house to dry there (my daughter's living there, so sometimes ihave totake her laundry out to do mine, sigh)
A day without drinking bleach is a good day, in my book.
What Mel said! Jeez woman, seriously there is cheap and tasty liquor out there.
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