Thursday, July 26, 2007


Washcloths In, Brains Out

Washcloths are starting to arrive (six so far!) this is way cool.

In a completely unrelated event, my brains have fallen right out of my head and I'm hardly even able to form a coherent sentence. For instance it's taken me about 5 minutes to write this and I keep typing "hoherent" sentence. Not that I'm a ho or anything.

I think I'm sort of overwhelmed by life and have to go hide in a cave for a bit.

As I said to my husband, "I'm sorry. I can't do that any more. I'm broken." There's a pretty long list of things I can't do right now and blogging may be one of them for a few days.

(that being said, you know I'm going to start on an epic three-month run of daily novel-length posts, starting tomorrow morning, right?)

Anyhow, if I'm not around for a few days, that's why; I'm broken.

If I'm not back in a week, send someone around to haul me away in a laundry basket or something, will you?

Hi Rabbitch,

Here's hoping you get mended really fast and really well.

Take care!

I want to know what kind of laundry baskets you have, the ones I have can't 'haul' 3 pairs of underwear, let alone a person! Must be some sort of "uber" Canadian Laundry Hauling(tm) brand.

Hope things get better!
what kind of broken are we talking about here?
Caves are ok. Just let us know which one you choose. Not one with bears, ok? And let us know when you're done hibernating.
I've called Sven the Massage Therapist and told him to oil himself up, flex his muscles, and be on call to carry you away in whatever basket you so choose. You lemme know when I should send him.
Poor Rabbitch. I feel your pain way down here in Georgia. Hang in there. Get it? Hang? In a cave? hehe

Call me when you're ready to drink bleach again.
Sounds like good times at Chez Rabbitch. Shall I send a nice bottle of CC?
Hope we all don't go into rabbitch withdrawals, and hope you are back in your hutch and feeling spunky real soon, sounds like you need some new exciting fibre, that works for me...good luck
I'll help chip in on Sven's session with you. I figure a good 8 hours of skilled kneading should do you.

Take care missy.
I have one word for you: duct tape.

Oh, wait, that's two words. In any case, I hope the cave helps (nothing better than a nice dark break from the world for a while; why, oh why can't we hibernate?), and you're feeling less broken soon.
What you need is a trip south, wink, wink, nudge, nudge.
My friend has a really cool laundry basket that she got in Switzerland (where her husband's from) - it has little legs that fold out from under it, so you don't have to stoop over all the time to pull laundry and stuff out of it. Shall I bring you some bleach? Or cookies?

Sending you happy thoughts!
Just steer clear of mechanical things and bleach!
Sounds like the summer crazy time has hit everyone. Yegawds, will the rest of us need to blog faster to fill in the gaposis? Eep!

Lessee... 'laundry basket' should be replaced with 'cruise ship'... Masseuse is a good idea, only I think 'pumping' could be substituted for other actions... Add in plenty of potables and yeah, some new fiber. They tell us fiber is always good. (Whaddaya mean, 'eat it'? Are you guys nuts? Dieticians, my ass.)

Enjoy the cave. I hear some of 'em can be really kinky, so just try and remember to tell us how to get there, 'kay?
Shite, lost the addy for sending the washcloths. Can you post it again, or just send it to my sad little self, please? Thank you! Btw, what was hubby's response to you're being "broken"? I don't think mine would buy it but hey if it works for you I might give it a try.
I hope things are clearing up somewhat for you woman!
Try chocolate/sex/beer in whatever order suits your fancy.( just remember knitting doesn't go with all three)
Between you and Franklin and Yarnho, Kent being in a bomb scare at the ferry terminals seems par for the course today..
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