Wednesday, July 18, 2007


Time Off for Bad Behaviour

Well. It seems that somehow I've managed to wangle a night off work on Friday and -- now that the restraining order has been lifted -- will be going out to knit in public with some friends (there will be others there but I don't know who all is coming), listen to some music (there are two other bands also too!) and drink some beer.

I may even buy new jeans for the occasion. Or maybe I should wear a dress and get all girly (insert a scream of "hell no" here, maybe a little hysterical laughter)

I'm hoping that I end up with a country-shaped bruise, a 12-foot fun-fur scarf and my underpants on my head. If you're there, come over and say hi (but remember to be nice, we all have pointy sticks).

note: please do not try to burgle my house while i'm out. i'm taking the cashmere to the bar with me and my husband will be home guarding the alpaca.

Have fun on your night out. You deserve it.
Have a good time! :D
Awww, man! I was already picking out which balaclava to wear when nicking your fiber! Have an extra beer for me--I'll be waiting in line at the bookstore.
Whee! It'll be such fun freaking out the muggles!s
Drunken knitting? I am pea green with envy. Be sure and wear your good panties. They always look nicer on your head!!
I'm wondering--is the time off limited by how long it takes for your boss to chew through the duct tape?

I had to ask... (enjoy)
Woo! Have a great time! mmmm, beer.
Beer, KIP, beer, friends, beer... it doesn't get much better than that. Have fun!
Ohyeah. Drinkin' and knittin' and friends and music. Personally, I'd recommend table-dancing rather than the country-shaped bruise this time. The evidence may not last so long, but I'm pretty sure it's rather less painful, even with the hangover. Have fun!

(Uh, if you do indulge in table-dancing, make sure you have some help getting off the sucker, or you might end up with the bruise, too. Make sure you land on your soft friends if you fall off, 'kay?)
An event worth attending! Sure wish I could...
You know, if you did wear a dress it would be easier to get your panties off so you can put them on your head.
Your husband knows what alpaca is? I'm impressed.
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